• Offering spiritual direction

    I have a spiritual direction practice. This includes seeing people face-to-face who live in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. I also do spiritual direction with individuals over the phone or through Skype. For example, yesterday I did both – saw someone who lives in Nashville, and had a call with someone else. Some of… Continue Reading

  • Raised on spectatorship and submission

    “For the civilian born in captivity and raised on spectatorship and submission, direct action changes everything. The morning she arises to put a plan into motion, she awakens under a different sun – if she has been able to sleep at all, that is – and in a different body, attuned to every detail of… Continue Reading

  • Social justice and the inner life (how I got here)

    Social justice has been a significant part of my journey. Years ago it’s what led me to take the helm of an NGO that works with juvenile delinquency, structural injustice, impoverished communities and at-risk families. For a season I traveled abroad with a human rights agency in Washington, D.C., working cases of forced child prostitution,… Continue Reading

  • Luck, leprechauns, and seeing your life differently

    St. Patrick’s Day is the national holiday of Ireland, which celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. In the United States, the day is widely celebrated. The Chicago River is dyed green, and there’s the well-known parade in Boston, the longest-running Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in the U.S. Many people will celebrate… Continue Reading