• Shedding religion… five books later

    After walking away from organized religion and professional ministry, I began chronicling my spiritual journey in 2006. The first book was Divine Nobodies: Shedding Religion to Find God (and the unlikely people who help you). This book is especially useful for the person who is seeing in spades that the “Christian” mentalities and views they’ve… Continue Reading

  • Integrity = Authenticity

    Consider a new way of thinking about “integrity.” What I mean by “integrity” is not about good or bad, or right or wrong, or what you should or should not do. The integrity I am referring to is about being in tune and aligned with your authentic and highest self. This kind of integrity begins… Continue Reading

  • How to create a life beyond religion

    16 instructive questions for creating a life beyond religion What makes you come alive? What satisfies you most deeply? What fills you up? What brings you joy? What centers you? What is a source of delight and pleasure for you? What areas, fields, or subjects are you interested in exploring? What makes you feel connected… Continue Reading

  • The Shedding Religion Quandary: How to Move Forward

    I’ve noticed a pattern. I connect with a lot of people who have shed religion and left it behind. It seems what happens is that a person discontinues their outward religious expressions – going to church, religious duties, activities and disciplines, etc, and they divest themselves of many of their former beliefs about God and… Continue Reading

  • Life happens

    Lots going on these days! The girls are out of school for the summer. Jessica got her license and landed her first summer job, working at Nashville Shores Waterpark. Heather and Cera flew to Seattle where Whitney gave birth to Oliver, making me a grandpa! Whit is in the Navy, and stationed at Whidbey Island Naval… Continue Reading