It’s best we all give up


11 Ways to Make Certain That Nothing Much Will Ever Change and We Keep Perpetuating a World that is Not Working and Ultimately Doomed:

1. Don’t think for yourself. Let others do the thinking for you.

2. Don’t question things. Assume that the way things are is more or less the way it’s just always going to be.

3. Okay, maybe question a few things… at least find a bandwagon or two to jump on… but just don’t look too far into yourself and question anything that would challenge or threaten your own sacred cows.

4. Disagree and argue with others as much as possible. Make it your job to find something wrong and lacking in about everything. Find something… anything… to be right about. In all things, assert your superiority.

5. Don’t listen to your deep feelings. When you have those moments when those homecoming-type sensations rise up in you, and what seems most real is love, harmony and togetherness, squash it! Pass it off quickly as some flighty, sentimental, feel-good nonsense. Return to your head as quickly as possible and resume thinking all that stuff that has been programmed into your head.

6. Okay, let’s say you mess up and allow yourself to actually feel those deep feelings, then at least vow never to express them. Shut them up. Stuff them back inside. Speak them? Are you crazy? Who says that stuff??? What would people think? Send those deep feelings packing and return to your regularly scheduled and safe life.

7. Live a concept-laden life. Have lots of wonderful and beautiful concepts and quotes about the way the world could be. Pontificate often about these concepts. But whatever you do, don’t take any concrete or direct actions to birth that world into reality. You may notice that the world’s division, hatred, injustice, turmoil, and suffering doesn’t quite line up with your beautiful concepts but assume that’s something for others to figure out and return to the comfort of your nice-sounding concepts.

8. Accept your inadequacy and powerlessness. Say to yourself, “I’m only one person.” Run through your mind all the ways you feel you are lacking and use it as a rationale for concluding that you can’t really make any difference.

9. Don’t buck the system. So you’ve had a few thoughts about courageously stepping out and living from those deep feelings and an entirely different way of being. Haha! Seriously? Who do you think you are? If it was that easy everyone would be doing it. What, you’re just gonna stop doing the way everyone else does anymore? Good luck!

10. Write off all this inner anarchy crap. Nothing is ever really going to change. Live your own life the best you can and don’t worry about the rest. One day you’ll die and then that’s it and it’s all over.

11. Forget you ever read this post.

Graffiti by Banksy

Is Jesus real? (And why do I insist upon talking about him?)


It’s a bit absurd that I find myself these days advocating for the historicity of Jesus given the fact that I just released a book with the sub-title: “Dethroning God and Jesus to Save Ourselves and the World.”

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Trusting and speaking our deep feelings


Since the book was released a few weeks ago, an inner anarchy group has been growing. It started as a Facebook group but we are expanding to a LiveJournal community to better support the level of interaction and conversations we are having in the group. One thing we are doing is discussing the book, chapter by chapter. What follows is the post related to the first chapter. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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The secret anarchy group


We started an Inner Anarchy Group on Facebook, and the group is growing. It is a “secret” group by invite only. Facebook groups have some limitations and we are currently scouting out some community forum platforms so we can organize the many conversations happening in the group right now, and make it a little easier for folks to search out topics and conversations of interest and participate. If you have read Inner Anarchy, comfortable with the content and want to be in the group, leave me a comment or send me an email with your email address, and I will send you an invite.

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Why I believe in Jesus (Why I’m not a Christian)


Why do I insist on continuing to talk about Jesus?

Believe me; it’s not a very popular thing to do! On the one hand there are those who have “shed religion” and shed Jesus with it. For many of these folks, the mention of Jesus reminds them of everything that was wrong and even damaging about their beliefs and involvement related to the Christian religion. There are also those who may have never been Christians but crossed paths with enough of them to know that the whole Jesus-thing is something to steer clear of. Many atheists and agnostics don’t really see any point in giving a lot of credence to Jesus. After all, there’s not a very kind historical record of what has often happened in the name of Jesus. The Crusades of the Middle Ages come to mind. Westboro Baptist church is another. There is no shortage of examples of how Christian religious fundamentalism has done great harm in our world.

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The art of inner anarchy


My good friend and artist Donna Willis Kinnaird created the first painting (see above) to express the spirit of the book Inner Anarchy. There are a few symbols in the painting that have special significance, including the raven. It’s a 24 x 24 x 2 acrylic on canvas. 

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On being called Jim Jones (and the need for inner anarchy)


Hello, friends.

Just popping in with a brief update on things. So, it’s been a few weeks since Inner Anarchy has been released. The responses span the full spectrum, including the accusation of being a cult leader and likened to David Koresh and Jim Jones.

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Dear Jim (and all Christian leaders): Time to pull our heads out


It is an epic mistake to assume that the traditional teachings of the Christian church accurately represent who Jesus was and what he was about. Jesus got a raw deal in the Christian religion. People have been trained to understand Jesus within a faulty religious framework. Outside that framework, a very different picture emerges. For example, Jesus did NOT: start the Christian religion; view human beings as “sinners”; die in order to rescue people from God; or establish a spiritual hierarchy of “clergy” and “laity.”

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Is Jesus dead or alive?


“Where is Jesus?

Is he dead and gone? Is he alive? If so, where is he? In heaven? And what and where is heaven exactly? Is he coming back? How? When? Why?

The Christian religion teaches that Jesus died to atone for the sins of the world, rose from the dead, and will return one future day to perform God’s final judgment. But twenty centuries later, there is still no Jesus. Why the delay? Where is he?

The world has assumed that the Christian religion represents the life, message, and teachings of Jesus. But that view is changing.”

- Jim Palmer, Inner Anarchy

Jesus is not in the sky


The above picture pretty much sums up why the world is in the mess that we are. People are gazing up into the sky, thinking God is located up there somewhere, along with our salvation, power, guidance, freedom, and well-being.

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