Heretics, creative thinkers, and innovators

“Heretics, creative thinkers, innovators, seem to appear just when we need them, despite the high cost of living in opposition. They do so because they can’t help themselves. Having seen a brighter light ahead of them, they are not willing to walk back in the shadows. Some inner force compels them forward with a power greater than their fear of the hostility that awaits them. That force is God.”
– John Sloat

Latest Comments

  1. Carol Anderson says:

    It gets better and better. The more I push forward the more freely I express myself to people. I am more able to speak up for myself, something I hadn’t done well since childhood. I can make a decision in the present moment and change my mind if I think it is necessary. Im having so much fun now. Thanks Jim for just being yourself and trailblazing for the rest of us. Keep a going…
    Carol Anderson

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