Take a risk and live like everyone else is afraid of.

“You can tell people that love wins… that there’s still beauty left in this world… that goodness underlies all things… that there’s nothing to fear… and there’s still something here worth living for. Go ahead, shout it from the street corner! Tell people that they are beautiful human beings with infinite value and worth, and that all creation is waiting and wishing for them to shine in this world as the divine miracles that they are. But I say all that telling and shouting won’t work. You have to be a living, breathing, human expression of it. No one is gonna get it until they see you as love and beauty, see you as goodness and courage, see you being that shining star in the world. Consider your life the answer to what all human beings hope in their heart of hearts is real. Be the evidence. It’s not really something you have to go out and do. Just don’t hide you… be you… all of you. Everyone is hiding and trapped in their self-doubt and inhibition. I say, step up! Shine! Take a risk and live life like everyone else is afraid of! You be the way… you be the truth… you be the life!”

– Jesus, Matthew 5:16, JPV (Jim Palmer Version)

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