I know how life can leave a person broken…


“I know how life can leave a person broken, and walking wounded through life. And so I’d like to say something to those who carry deep inside their heart a longing to be whole and free. To all those…

… still carrying a little heartbroken boy or girl inside; to those who feel rejected and lonely; to those who woke up with a dull ache inside; to those who are wondering where God is in the midst of their deep pain; to those whose past wounds have been pulled opened yet again; to those weary and worn out and long for some place called home; to those in the darkness who can’t seem to find the light; for those who wonder if they will ever find love; to those who feel misunderstood; to the abandoned and discarded; to those who feel they are running out of reasons to get out of bed each morning; to those in the clutches of depression; to those who are smiling on the outside but dying on the inside; to those suffering in silence…

but who woke up this morning, still wanting, still longing, still seeking, still open to being at peace with yourself and your life, I have something to say to you. I’m asking that you don’t give up. Don’t give up on you, don’t give up on the desires of your heart, don’t give up on love, don’t give up on all that still awaits you on the journey that still lies ahead for you. I want to make you a promise, lean into it, keep living your life, do the next thing, sign up for life one more day, and just when you least expect it, you will be rewarded with knowing that it was worth it.”

– Jesus, Matthew 5:6 Jim Palmer Version (JPV)

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  1. questioningmommy says:

    THis made me cry! This is just how I have been feeling for months and months now. I don’t know if there is a “God” like most people like to define god but if there is a universal consiousness or something out there….I really wish it would give me just a little spark of something to get thru this. I know my emotional and health issue seem so inconsequential in light of real problems going on in the world but a little help would be great.

  2. DAVID CORBITT says:

    Thank you for this Jim and questioningmommy’s comment. Where there is honesty there is true power/a true sense of love and compassion. Denial and suppression are horrible.

    Jesus’ whole ministry for me was the message of no matter how cruel the empire is and how vicious the broken-hearted are attacked, we must imagine a new dynamic. We can turn to that higher sense with conviction and hope establishing for each other a better sense of justice. For me binding up the broken-hearted can only happen in community, in loving and caring for each other.

    “when you least expect it”… is SO true and can be trusted and is trustworthy! Looking backward it no longer appears as least expected, then and only then can we see that we were busy “leaning” in to it and loving/living/giving/lifting up each other. The wholeness appears. Where did the suffering go? It might have been transformed by our efforts. Next time you enter a dark room and flip on the light, ask “where did the darkness go?” The same place!

    May you lean into life and renew your lease daily!

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