Four thoughts about judging others

Four Thoughts About Judging Others:

1. You don’t know what is going on inside another person. How many times have you been asked how you are, and said “fine,” even though you weren’t? We all know this is true. We mask our pain. We put on the happy/smiley face when we are dying inside. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean another person isn’t hurting. A person’s actions or behaviors may not be any indication of what is going on inside of them.

2. People are doing the best they can. I know this is sometimes difficult to believe about another person. I get that. It’s hard for me at times to believe that about others. But think about it. You know it’s true. It’s complicated! Life is complicated! People are complicated! There are a lot of moving parts inside and outside a person. Aren’t we all a little off – carrying pain, unhealed wounds, ways we protect ourselves, and other dysfunctions we have picked up a long the way?

3. You don’t have all the answers. At times we can look at another person’s life and just see all this stupid stuff it appears they’re doing. On the outside looking in, another person’s life seems pretty cut and dry to us in terms of what they should be doing or not doing or how they are handing a situation or whatever. It’s amazing how quickly we turn into the infallible personal life coach when it comes to another person’s life!

4. Being judged hurts. It’s quite possible that the most painful human feeling is one of being judged. There’s so much involved – silent pain; being misunderstood; rejection in the very moment we most need understanding, love and acceptance.

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  1. sherye rieckenberg says:

    this is so true it is very hard to know what another person feeia or is going through and even if you take the TIME to talk to or get to know this person, you will know more about them and can understand them better, but you dont know how they feel deep down. my life has had its ups and downs, and i have been judged by some because of the company i kept or the way i dressed or even by my husbands actions and even some of my childrens behavior, but im still here. i have found that by being nice to those that belittle you works out better then becoming bitter and doing things inreturn. the good book says to turn the other cheeck and i realize somethings are harder than others, but we are to love each other and help each other . live life the best you can and do what is right in the eyes of the lord and you will feel alot better about yourself and leave the judging up to our Lord because know one is perfect LOVE LIVE LAUGH and seek the LORD

  2. Carol Anderson (@CandersonCarol) says:

    Again such Excellent observations and advice. I had it right as a kid and they all said I was “over- conscientious”. I agree with the statement “People are doing the best they can.” With all of them. And I might add “You don’t have to have all the answers.” I don’t always have to respond verbally or physically. Sometimes silence is golden. Thanks so much again, Jim. GOD bless YOU! ~ Carol 🙂

  3. Neeta Mehrotra says:

    Feel like my own life . Always been misunderstood . Very depressive .

  4. Arlene Dixon says:


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