7 Religious Ideas To Walk Away From

7 Religious Ideas To Walk Away From:

1 – Dividing the world up into “us” and “them”.
2 – Believing you need to be rescued from yourself and cured of your own badness.
3 – Treating the afterlife as more important than the herelife.
4 – Making God about correct theology.
5 – Dividing the world up into “sacred” and “secular”.
6 – Mistrusting what you most deeply feel.
7 – Limiting your experience of the divine to the people, places and programs associated with institutional church.

Latest Comments

  1. David Lee King (@davidleeking) says:

    Hey Jim! thanks for making me think – much appreciated. Not sure I completely agree with all the points – especially #2 and #6. here’s why:

    #2 – Sure. I get it. It’s better to focus on the positive, the good stuff. But even Jesus sorta did both – “follow me and leave your life of sin.” There are usually two steps – “follow me” – that’s the good stuff. “leave your life of sin” – that’s the “need to be rescued from yourself” side of things. Ultimately, that’s up to God, not so much to you… but still, it’s there.

    #6 – Again, I get it, and for the most part agree… except when what people most deeply feel is so very wrong. Example – the Norway shooter. What he most deeply felt was the need to shoot and kill a bunch of people. I sure wish he HAD mistrusted those deep feelings.

    So – just my thoughts to your list. Good stuff to think about!

  2. micahjmurray says:

    I agree with your assessment that #2 is off. I think the Bible tells us that Jesus came to save us from our sins. Everything else seems pretty solid.

  3. deb says:

    No religion….John Lennon

  4. Dennis Dalton says:

    Wow. Too many things here that mirror my feelings.

  5. Carol Anderson (@CandersonCarol) says:

    EXCELLENT! Awesome advice… I think what we most deeply feel and fear most is LOVE. And I for one, hate it when others try to “fix me”. I just want to scream FIX YOU!! Stay in your world (body) and name, and claim it anything you want, but please stop focusing on fixing me! WHOOSAH! Again I think the seven points are great advice Jim! Thanks for sharing… ~ Carol 🙂

  6. Carlie says:

    Really like your blog. ❤

  7. karolykrew says:

    I agree…even with #2…Not to say we don’t need God, but more of “God is within us”. If we just realized that He is already there, already saved us, already looks at His creation and called it “good”…we are “good”, then we have a different perspective on all of our struggles. He is my “daddy” because of His great LOVE…not because He whopped me over the head and said “leave your sin behind”! I believe Jesus had a way of showing/glowing Love….that’s why people dropped what they were doing…he spoke and fed our deepest need. Just like our daddy does…in that still small voice of love.
    Just my 2 cents worth…-Amy

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