14 Religious Lies

14 Religious Lies:

1. You are an abomination to God.
2. God doesn’t like you… can’t… won’t… ever.
3. At least you’ve got your fire insurance policy; be thankful, you’re one of the few lucky ones.
4. Fall in line, be good, follow the rules, check the boxes, write the checks, play church.
5. Listen to them; they are smarter, they are holier, they are… well, just trust me.
6. Being yourself is offensive to God so be like Jesus… oh yeah, you can’t – he’s God and you’re not.
7. Don’t look inward, ignore what your gut is telling you, mistrust anything inside you.
8. You’re forgiven but don’t screw up; that’s the best it gets for now, the really good stuff comes in heaven… I promise.
9. You can’t really be free so put that thought out of your mind.
10. Humanity is divided and you can’t change that; leave well enough alone.
11. You’re not smart enough, spiritual enough, gifted enough, or good enough.
12. Love, peace, beauty and harmony? Come on, grow up!
13. Play it safe and do what they say or you may go off the deep end.
14. If it’s not working, try harder.

Latest Comments

  1. clairegrasse says:

    At one time I lived my life by every one of these “rules.” It saddens me how we used to mock people who promoted peace, beauty, harmony, and Love (#12). In fact, looking back at the cultural Christianity I used to belong to, from the distance of over a decade, I’m amazed at how negative and cynical we were. Our religion abounded with words like “rebellion,” “sin,” “Satan,” “witchcraft,” “Hell,” “backslidden,” and “carnal.”

    Thank God I left these rules behind!

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for this…. so many people live by these rules and never understand that they are lies.

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