16 Quick, Practical, Fool-Proof Ways To Kill Off The Present Moment

16 Quick, Practical, Fool-Proof Ways To Kill Off The Present Moment:

1. Stir up your own personal drama, insert yourself into soemone else’s or at least become absorbed with it.

2. Add your own personal meaning to whatever happens that somehow makes it about you. In other words, take it… anything… everything personally.

3. Verbalize as much as possible what you don’t like about yourself or how you should be better… if not verbalize, at least think about it a lot.

4. Be inauthentic – don’t express who you really are; just give people what you think they want. Deny, hide, and suppress what you really think, feel, need or want.

5. Find something wrong with your life… then find something else… and then another… and another.

6. Maintain contact with toxic, dis-empowering people.

7. Keep mulling over what happened yesterday, last week, last month or last year.

8. Start worrying about tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

9. Assume you are right about or know everything, and that you have very little left to learn.

10. If you’ve never done it before, don’t try it. If it’s different, no.

11. Get focused on what’s next.

12. Condemn and dislike for any mistake or accident, regardless of how small.

13. Assume responsibility for everyone elses’s happiness.

14. Make others responsible for your happiness.

15. Wait for all the perfect circumstances to come together in your life before you are at peace or happy.

16. Assume something bad will happen. If something good happens, wait for the other shoe to fall.

What would you add?

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