6 Lies and 6 Truths About “Sin”

6 Lies and 6 Truths About “Sin” That I have Been Pondering:

Lie 1: Sin makes me disgusting and revolting in God’s eyes.
Lie 2: Sin is immoral or disobedient behavior.
Lie 3: God will not bless me and will punish me because there is sin in life.
Lie 4: At the core I am a sinner.
Lie 5: Left to myself I will indulge sinful desires.
Lie 6: Satan makes me sin


Truth 1: Sin is falling short of experiencing the love, peace, freedom, wholeness, and well-being that God desires for every person.
Truth 2: Sin is an orientation toward illusion and falsity – it’s a diminishment of our true identity as good and beautiful children of God.
Truth 3: Each person is shadowed to some degree by a false self, and when we give expression to that false self we sow seeds of disharmony in our world.
Truth 4: God’s love and acceptance of each of us does not fluctuate based on where we are on the journey or in the process of becoming who we really are.
Truth 5: Transformation is not behavior modification but a fundamental and profound shift in knowing who we are.
Truth 6: Spiritual battle is the conflict between the false and true self.

(photo by Darla Winn)

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  1. dallas mccoy says:

    Sin, per the bible. At one place, it says that we are to get angry, but to sin not. That tells me that anger is not a sin, but has something to do with sin. At another place, it says to not let the sun go down on your anger. This tells me that if one holds onto anger, it becomes a sin. It becomes a sin by building up negative thought patterns in the sub-conscious mind. Anger being a negative thought pattern leads me to see that all thought patterns we hold onto beyond the proverbial sunset becomes a sin. We don’t sin against God, we sin against ourselves. To confirm I go to where it says that the wages of sin is death. It is well known that negative thought patterns kept in the sub-conscious mind will lead to an early death. Could this have something to do with what you call a religion-free bible?

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