25 Reasons Why We Need A Religion-Free Bible

25 Reasons Why It Is Time For A Religion-Free Bible:

1. The Bible is not a religious book.
2. The story of the Bible has value for all of humankind, regardless of your religious tradition or no religion at all.
3. The Bible is not owned by any particular sect of people, including institutional Christianity; the Bible is a spiritual resource for all people.
4. The voice of the Bible deserves to be heard, unshackled from the repressive spin often imposed upon it.
5. Contrary to what “they” say, there is more than one way to read, interpret, and understand the Bible.
6. People need to know that the destructive and oppressive ideas they carry about God as a result of their involvement with religion are not truly “biblical.”
7. In the hands of the people, the Bible can be an instrument of love, beauty, peace, acceptance and harmony in the world.
8. Humankind needs permission to walk away from the lie we learned about ourselves that we are bad, not good enough, unacceptable to God, and something is wrong with us.
9. Women need to be restored to their place of sacred significance that religion stripped from them.
10. The Bible can be a profound inspiration for art in every form.
11. The separation between people because of religious differences needs to be dissolved.
12. God should not be the motivation or rationale for hatred, violence, oppression and prejudice.
13. There are a myriad of options between Fundamentalist and Atheist.
14. Every human being needs to know of their inherent divine worth.
15. It’s time to stop arguing about God, and start expressing the reality of the kingdom of God.
16. No human being regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or culture should be denied their status as a card-carrying beloved child of God.
17. Jesus could not and would not subscribe to what is often passed off as “biblical teaching.”
18. You don’t need an MDiv or PhD in theology to embrace the simple but profound message of the Bible.
19. There is no line between “sacred” and “secular.”
20. Humankind is not separated from and condemned by God.
21. The world is not hopeless or too far gone to be transformed by love.
22. Our humanity is not the enemy or the obstacle to overcome.
23. Because everyday people are suffering unnecessarily because of ideas they’ve learned about God, themselves, life, and others.
24. Our diversity as humankind is powerful and beautiful.
25. God has no religion.

If any of these ideas resonate with you, go to The Religion-Free Bible Project Campaign and make a $5 contribution to the cause.

(photo by Darla Winn)

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