“God loves me less because I’m female.”

The Religion-Free Bible Project exists to inspire more love, peace, beauty, goodness, acceptance, compassion, justice and harmony in the world by offering humankind a paraphrase of biblical passages, which combine texts and images to creatively capture the spirit and meaning of the Bible, free from the bias and baggage of man-made religion. The goal of the RFB Project is to make the Religion-Free Bible accessible to all people worldwide, and for 51% of our world population to have a copy of the RFB in some form.

The past few days I’ve been blogging about why we need a Religion-Free Bible. I posted about the 25 Reasons and followed it up with a few more. Then yesterday I posted, Why We Need a Religion-Free Bible – # 4: The Oppression of Women In The Name of God.

The Woman’s Bible, written by famous 19th Century feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton and a “Revising Committee,” is one of the first attempts by women to evaluate the Judeo-Christian legacy and its impact on women through history. Stanton concluded that “the Bible in its teachings degrades Women from Genesis to Revelation.” Stanton also wrote, “The bible and the church have been the greatest stumbling block in the way of women’s emancipation.”

I have a “Dear Jim” Gmail folder, filled with emails from women who have shared their spiritual journey. Some of those emails broke my heart and angered me. Like the one that read, “Church taught me intolerance and prejudice. I learned at church that women are lesser beings than men, and that God loves me less because I’m female.” Another email read, “I had to shed religion to be a woman.”

I received a lot of criticism for having a picture of a woman in a dress on the cover of my latest book, Being Jesus in Nashville. As one person put it, “What does a women in a red dress have to do with being Jesus?” In my mind it had everything to do with Jesus. No group has been more deprived of their individuality as a result of the mentalities of religion than women.We need a Religion-Free Bible that is not only created and written with the voice of women but once and for all buries the notion prevalent in the world’s major religions that women are inferior to men in the eyes of God. Had the voice and full expression and participation of women in religion been present all along, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.

Today we are asking all women who care about these issues to lend their support to The Religion-Free Bible Project. There are two ways to do this. First, go to the RFB Project Campaign site and make a contribution. The giving levels start at only $5 and every contribution receives a cool perk in exchange for your gift. The dollar amount of your contribution makes no difference. Let your voice be heard! We are wanting as many women as possible to participate. Second, share the RFB Project Campaign through your Facebook page, Twitter, Blog of other social media sites, and challenge other women to do the same.

Click here for the RFB Project Campaign Site.

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