How To Sabotage Your Growth Journey

Most of my adult life, in one or another, I’ve been involved in the growth journey and transformation of people’s lives. Speaking from my own personal experience and the lives of others, I’ve spotted a few things us human beings do that prevent transformation and keep us from having what we want. Here are a few below. I added a question to each one for you to ponder in light of your own journey these days.

1. We take on a victim mentality.

What unhappiness or lack of fulfillment in your life are you blaming on someone else or your circumstances?

2. We don’t take action.

Thinking about what you want and verbalizing what you want is good. AND you have to DO SOMETHING with that intention. What actions are you putting into your intentions?

3. We play it safe.

Where in life do you need to be unreasonable in terms of a breakthrough in the kind of life you want?

4. We don’t fight for it.

Transformation doesn’t show up on a silver platter. It’s simple but it’s difficult. Where do you need to get your game-face on when it comes to creating the life you want?

5. We try to go it alone.

It’s your blind spots that hold you back. YOU CAN’T SEE IT? Who are you going to enroll in these new possibilities you want for yourself? Who are you going to invite to be part of your transformation journey?

6. We don’t have compassion on ourselves.

When are you going to learn that condemning yourself is what’s actually preventing the transformation you want?

7. We aren’t authentic.

Are you more interested in looking good?

8. We don’t resource our transformation. Let me see your checkbook and schedule, and I’ll tell you how serious you are about the life you SAY you want.

Where do you need to invest time, energy and financial resources in creating the life you want?

9. We are uninspired or not motivated.

What would truly motivate and inspire you about your life and the life you could have?

10. We think transformation is about the breakthrough.

A breakthrough is a very small part of transformation. Just as important (probably more important) are the breakdowns, mistakes, “failures,” frustrations, struggles, etc. What struggle do you need to own as part of your growth and transformation?

(photo by ThePhotoZoo / Flickr)

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