What if the Bible was approached from a place of not knowing?

The Religion-Free Bible Project / FAQ:

1. How is the RFB different from other Bible translations?

The Religion-Free Bible is not technically a “translation” but a “paraphrase.” A translation is a word for word and idea for idea rendering of a document from one language to another, while a paraphrase is a restatement of the meaning of a text or passage using other words. The lens through which the Bible is often read has been corrupted by a set of religious and cultural assumptions, premises and ways of thinking that influence our interpretation of what we read in scripture. The phenomenon of groupthink sets in and people start believing that their biased interpretation of the Bible is “orthodoxy.” People were once absolutely convinced that the world was flat but then discovered that this unquestioned and unchallenged belief was wrong. Some people still refused to believe it.  We get attached to our views, and change is threatening.

What if the Bible was approached from a place of not knowing? In other words, what if you approached the Bible with the attitude that you don’t really know what it says? What if you came to the Bible with fresh eyes and a willingness to see something you’ve never seen before? Maybe you’ve never really read the Bible or stopped reading it because it mostly seemed to be about how you don’t measure up in God’s eyes, and a hamster wheel of trying harder. Perhaps the Bible never seemed to resonate with what rings true to you, or what you most deeply think, feel, and desire in life. Maybe for you reading the Bible never resulted in the desired peace, happiness and freedom everyone said you would find if you would “trust and obey.”

What if the story you associate with the Bible about who you are, who God is, who others are, and what life is about is the equivalent of once thinking that the world was flat? The RFB is a descriptive restatement of the Bible, suggesting that the world is round. In most cases, it’s expressing a view that was held by the first readers and teachers of the Bible before its message got hijacked by personal and political agendas, and corrupted by elite religious councils, which enforced its views with threats of heresy and death for those who thought differently.

The Religion-Free Bible Project exists to inspire more love, peace, beauty, goodness, acceptance, compassion, justice and harmony in the world by offering humankind a paraphrase of biblical passages, which combine texts and images to creatively capture the spirit and meaning of the Bible, free from the bias and baggage of man-made religion.

The RFB will be a more descriptive paraphrase. For example, the RFB paraphrase of the scripture, “Jesus wept” is 168 words long. The RFB is also prominently visual, and the corresponding images are meant to convey the meaning of the text as significantly as the words themselves.

** Next question up: Who is creating and writing the RFB and what will be the process?

*** Help create the Religion-Free Bible by visiting the RFB Project Campaign Site!

(photo by leo-n / deviantart.com)

Latest Comments

  1. selmoscow says:

    Doesn’t everyone approach the Bible with an inherent longing for the truth, an intuitive faith that an answer can be found? Aplace of not knowing yes, but yet with an expectation…

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