Kindness will save the world

I’m discovering the power and transformative nature of gentleness, tenderness, and kindness. They don’t sound so monumental. I know, right? Gentleness??? Tenderness??? Kindness??? We all know that the world goes round by courage, passion, perseverance and all other kinds of heroic virtues. But gentleness, tenderness, and kindness??? Sounds more like some sort of romance novel! But I’m discovering that every time I express those qualities or I’m on the receiving end of them, it satisfies something I long for.

We are all so busy pushing, pulling, thinking, doing, running, accomplishing, striving, multitasking, building, solving, accumulating, producing, focusing – who has time for gentleness, tenderness and kindness? I wish I could periodically just stop the world, like a time out, and say: “Okay everyone, look to your left and look to your right, and take some time to express a little gentleness, tenderness and kindness to those people. Ready, set, GO!”

I wonder how different our lives, our relationships and our world would be if the qualities of gentleness, tenderness and kindness held as much value as other ones we give so much more credence to?

To prime the pump, here are a few ideas about expressing gentleness, tenderness and kindness today.

1. Spend a little longer in bed with your partner today, and express how much you love them as you offer gentle and tender touch.

2. Soften the tone with your kids today. Offer them a gentle and tender tone and spirit today. Indulge them a bit with gentleness and tenderness.

3. See the beauty and wonder of people today, and express it. Whether it’s your spouse or the grocery store cashier, express kindness. Be acceptance today. Be affirmation today. Start a conspiracy of kindness today.

4. I participated in the “Free Hugs” campaign in New Your City, Times Square. It was one of the most amazing experiences! The power of giving a hug, even to someone you’ve never met and will never see again, has a profound impact. Just the power of a hug… a smile… a kind word or gesture. The truth is, this is what makes the world go round.

5. Express gentleness, tenderness and kindness to all living things. What would it mean to express these qualities with your dog, cat or other animals in your life today? What would it mean to be gentle, tender and kind today as you move through this world of land and sea, earth and sky, stars and trees?

What would you add as ways to express gentleness, tenderness and kindness in our world today?

Fyodor Dostoyevsky said the world will be saved by beauty. I don’t disagree. But I wonder if the truth is that the world will be saved by gentleness, tenderness and kindness. That amidst all that pushing and pulling, and striving and shoving… that the presence of gentleness, tenderness and kindness in the world will preserve, nourish and transform it.

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Latest Comments

  1. Marc says:

    A lovely post. To my mind, if we were to make it our life’s work to live with more gentleness, tenderness and kindness, one day we would look back and see that we had created the Kingdom of God on Earth.

  2. Irina says:

    So true…
    Gentleness, tenderness and kindness are amazingly transformative powers. I’ll remember the moments when I experienced their tender and yet powerful touch until my dying day…and I’ll take these memories with me into my afterlife, because they touched something essential deep inside my heart, in that secret place where God meets the true me – wounded, confused and unprotected me.

    Loud shouting says nothing to our hearts. We can’t distinct the meaning behind all the noise. It’s the gentle whisper (maybe only a few kind words) that reaches through all thick walls of protection that we build around our most inner self…it heals, transforms and – amazingly enough – gives birth to more kindness! When I myself receive warm and gentle message, my heart inevitably wants to communicate it with others – because I want them to experience the same kindness and acceptance I did…Once someone fills the cup of your heart with love, it overflows and reaches out to others…

  3. Jonathan Montan (@JonathanMontan) says:

    If we have not love…Paul and Jesus would agree with you on this one man

  4. Jeff Porterfield says:

    There is great power in Kindness. It is easy to be Kind to people who love us. The challenge is to be Kind with those who would be our adversaries. It takes great strength of Character to be Kind while in a confrontation. And to be effective, one must be consistent.

    So what is the power behind Kindness. People who bring negative attitudes and emotions expect their negative remarks to provoke you to anger. This they understand. But if you are able to control that anger, and respond with Kindness, they have no defense. And it is difficult to continue to attack a person who is completely unassailable, and Kind. I have made friends of such adversaries more times than not, by being Kind. Always.

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