A heart flung open

“What is this world inside me that sinks so deep and stretches so wide,
for which I cannot find its beginning or end?

What is this voice that bids my heart flung open to the world,
while its echo cautions me to run and hide?

What are these layers of hope upon despair upon hope upon despair,
leaving open the question of which will catch me when I fall?

What are these feelings that assure me I am connected to it all,
and then tells me that I am alone in this world?

Am I getting any closer or just wandering around in circles?
Some days it’s as bright and clear as a sunny blue summer sky,
some days it’s as murky and muddled as a storm-stirred lake.

And yet somewhere deeper still,
I know”

– Jim Palmer, Life Is My Religion: The Rants, Ramblings, Musings and Poems of One Divine Nobody

(art by Thomas Saliot)

Latest Comments

  1. Ryan Swain says:

    Petfect for me today as it is murky today.

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