The only truth is music

This morning I came across a quote by Jack Kerouac, “The only truth is music.” I had to stop and consider it because it is such a sweeping, decisive, confident and unapologetic assertion about truth. After pondering it a while, it struck me that there are at least these 5 ways that Kerouac is right.

The only truth is music because…

1. Music moves outside the realm of the mind.
It’s not something you process in your head; it’s something you feel in your heart and soul. You don’t analyze music, you dance to it.

2. Music touches and speaks to our full reality of being human.
Music meets in that place where we are heartbroken, hopeful, grieving, breaking, healing, and angry. Music tells the whole story, uncensored and raw. It climbs down into the guts of the human journey and leaves no stone unturned.

3. Music heightens our awareness of the divine.
There is some mysteriously intangible quality to music that woos us into a state of being where we become aware of truths that typically lie hidden from us. In some unexplainable way, music opens up secret chambers inside us so beauty, freedom, connection, healing, love, peace and hope can get in.

4. Music inspires authentic and courageous self-expression.
Music has the power to awaken passion, stir audacity, ignite revolutions, and inspire creativity and genius. Music unlocks doors, cuts off chains, crashes into apathy, turn the status quo upside down, awakens new possibilities, whispers hope where there is no hope, and resurrects dreams that were once dead.

5. Music speaks to our oneness.
Music is the art of sound. Who owns sound? Republicans? Democrats? Christians? Muslims? Heterosexuals? Homosexuals? African Americans? Asians? No one owns sound. We all dip into the same universe of notes, tones, melodies, instruments, voices, rhythm, harmony, color, feelings, human experience, creative spirit… and we put it all together in music. Who owns Jazz? Who owns R&B? Who owns Classical music? Who owns Hip-Hop? Who owns Calypso? For sure, music can originate in a specific culture but then it is offered to the world to enjoy. We all have music in us. We all love music together. We all share in the same creative spirit from which all music comes.

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  1. rachelannc says:

    I stumbled on this quote some months ago, and it’s really left an imprint on me for some reason. It’s stayed because it is so simple, confident and assertive. But, I found that he was totally right. I couldn’t let go of this quote because I couldn’t let go of its inherent truth.

    I’ve been looking for a quote to put on my college graduation cap this weekend. And I’ve decided this is the one. It’s the one that has pulled me through any and everything that I have done, and speaks to a more universal truth. You pin-pointed those exact reasons here!

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