You followed the rules, broke the rules, wrote the rules… but it wasn’t enough.


“What if I told you that 5% of your difficulties are brought about by the conditions and circumstances of your life, and 95% are difficulties caused by yourself?

You desire love, peace, freedom, and contentment in this world. Don’t you? Your seeking would be complete if you attained them and could keep a hold of them. But that doesn’t happen, does it? You work so hard and the pay-off is so small. You desire and seek these realities but they are fleeting and vulnerable. You have mixed and matched several scenarios in life trying to be happy and it doesn’t last. I bet you’ve experienced your fair share of disappointment heartache in the process.

You experienced the bliss of another’s love, but then you were heartbroken. You were right on target for realizing your dream, but the one thing you never expected happening, happened. You poured yourself into knowing God, but your depression returned. You got the latest technology but now it’s just another thing. You constructed an air-tight and bulletproof theology, became fully vested, but still lay in bed at night, grieving what your life is and what it isn’t. You did church, crammed the Bible into your brain, lived a moral life, and shouted Jesus from the roof-tops, but the peace and freedom and fulfillment never seemed to come or stay around very long.

You raised good kids and have enjoyed a wonderful marriage, you’ve got a good job and great friends, but there’s still emptiness inside. You did the vacation in Europe, but then it ended, and it was time to return home. You gave of yourself sacrificially, but you still felt that dull ache of discontent inside. One day you were in perfect health, the next day in a hospital.

You did it all. You followed the rules. You broke the rules. You wrote the rules. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. The whole seek-and-find thing proved to be pie in the sky. So instead you tell yourself, “Quit whining, suck it up, this life is going to be a crapshoot, trust and obey, be good, don’t mess up, and hold on until heaven.” Or maybe you think you’re too messed up to experience true peace – like you’re hopelessly stuck in the always-striving-but-never-quite-getting-there mode.

But I tell you that everything you want is here right now and as close to you as the air you breathe. This reality of peace and wholeness you seek cannot be found the way you are seeking it. I say that God’s kingdom is at your fingertips but you look past your fingers, hoping to attain it elsewhere. You will never find God’s kingdom out there because it is inside you… is you. The life you long for is coursing through your veins. The only thing needed is to disappear your inner resistance, and tear down that illusionary wall you built, making you think that you are separate from what you desire.

The truth is that God’s kingdom of peace and wholeness is your birthright. It is here right now for you because it is you. This is the great mystery and paradox– we seek what we already have, we long to be what we already are. The gift and opportunity of your life is to discover this, embrace this… be this.

What is your resistance? Have the courage to name it. Give up your illusion of separation and be open to experiencing God’s kingdom in every moment where it is always present. Here’s the good news – it’s that simple. Here’s the bad news – it’s that simple. If you were a child, you would get it much easier. Become like a child.

Start there.”

– Jesus, Matthew 18:1-4, Luke 17:20-21 Religion-Free Bible

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  1. jimpalmer1 says:

    If this RFB passage was an encouragement to you, please consider lending your support to The Religion-Free Bible Project. There are 43 hours left in the RFBP Campaign! Thanks

  2. poeticjason says:

    Nicely put.

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