16 things people report about their shedding religion journey


16 things people report about their shedding religion journey:

1. You’re losing your religion but gaining your sanity.
2. Maybe you left church because it wasn’t helping you know God or grow spiritually.
3. You know you are on the right path but trying to explain that path to others is like nailing Jello to a wall, and you often feel misunderstood.
4. Your new life beyond religion isn’t quite as defined as things used to be.
5. You have twice as many questions as you do answers but strangely you’re okay with this.

6. Sometimes you doubt yourself, and crave a religious fix to make you feel better.
7. You desperately wish someone (anyone!) would just accept you where you are right now.
8. Oh, for just a couple of people you could sit down with face-to-face and talk with about all this stuff without the threat of judgment and condemnation!
9. On Monday you feel free, and on Tuesday you wonder if you are going crazy.
10. Christ without Christianity, truth without theology, and community without church makes complete sense to you but it also makes you a heretic among some of your former friends who avoid you in the grocery store.
11. You don’t know how to answer the question, “Are you a Christian?”
12. You refuse to divulge the books you are currently reading because you know it’s going to alarm the people who already think you’ve gone off the deep end.
13. You get nauseated when you hear Christanese.
14. You’re not sure where your Bible is.
15. Suddenly you’re liking the people who were previously classified as “them.”
16. Prayer is more an authentic and powerful desire for the liberation of others and contributing to it, rather than a magic God-wand to save the day.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What would you add?

Latest Comments

  1. Charis Psallo says:

    As a wee baby, newly parted from familiar, if tepid, bath water I was shivering, goosebumpy, and hollering a lot. When I did sometimes venture back into the halls of churchianity an embarrassing not-nice rage I didn’t understand and didn’t want to feel rose up in me and I had to run to keep from clobbering someone who only meant well. (The biggest trigger was the question, “Why do you have to ask so many questions? Why can’t you just have faith?”) I learned that even though I wasn’t sure about his Dad, that Jesus was safe, because he had experienced all of this before me, and he still loved. My milk and my fuzzy blankie were “Jesus loves me, this I know.” That’s it. That’s all I knew. I would sing this song, and there I could cease striving, lay my head on his chest, and rest.

    You’re are loved, Jim. What else matters?

  2. adamaphar says:

    17. You don’t know how to answer the question “do you believe in God?” (a riff off #11)
    18. Familiar stories seem wonderfully strange.

  3. threadsofcreativity says:

    I didn’t even realize the weary I felt tonight was in my heart, not my body. It is so powerful to hear that we are not alone in this journey. Thanks for this list, and for your voice.

  4. Rene says:

    Your have hit the nail on the head in describing me & my journey this last yr
    I have given up organized religion
    When ppl ask me if I am a Christian I tell them I am a Jesus Freak & will continue my journey
    Thank U Jim ..U are loved

  5. Cynthia says:

    I remember wanting to go back so badly, I missed certain people so much so in prayer one day I asked if I could just go back & say hi. I heard a resounding “NO!” in my head and at the same time had a vision of my old church where I was standing outside the front doors and everyone inside was beckoning me in with such kind words. I looked down and saw this line of pure white light travel from the end of the building to my left across the threshold and down to the other side. When I looked back up all the people were still there, but reaching out towards me from above & in between them were demons, seething and screeching, trying to get their talons into me and the Lord spoke to me & said, “One day you will go back, but when you do it will be to snatch my children from the hands of the enemy.” I’ve never asked again, He’ll send me when I’m ready. I shared this experience with someone at their continued prompting after the Lord said, “Go ahead” and after I told them they said, “You would take an experience like that over the word of God?” I said, “Yes, absolutely.”…and then I thought, “Where is my bible?” Hehehe.

    • Heather G says:

      The thing is, there is nothing about your experience here that is somehow different than anything said in the Bible… It sounds more like you are actually experiencing the Bible.

  6. OneSpiritOneLordOneGod says:

    The one that gets me is ‘Where do you go to church?’ Grhhh..oh the looks when I say I don’t go. Oh and the other one..Do you believe in God? Yeah I go to church! Oy vay…:-)

  7. Rene says:

    OR “What religion are U ” Good Grief !! I do pray for these ppl

  8. ed says:

    “When ppl ask me if I am a Christian I tell them I am a Jesus Freak ” love it and use it
    I’m a believer !

  9. Len Wisniewski says:

    Stealing and framing this!

  10. Les Oxnam says:

    Jesus declared Himself to be the door Jn 10.9. If He is the door, what lies beyond? Jesus Himself declared that when He left He would send the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us into all truth. What is all truth? Where does this journey take us? Jesus came to reconcile us to our Father. The Holy Spirit was given to us to show us the way. Our Father is our ultimate destination. Having said that, the Word of God (Jesus) is high and lifted up, exalted above all and deserving of our living sacrifice.

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