“Sometimes it’s easier to be in Chains.”


Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “Men are born free, but everywhere they are in chains.” Bob Dylan added, “How many years can some people exist before they’re allowed to be free?”

We tend to think of freedom as escape FROM something. I’ve been thinking of it lately more as freedom TO something – mainly, freedom to choose. Freedom to choose… to be and express ourselves… to think for ourselves and honor our thoughts, views and deepest feelings… freedom to follow our path… freedom to listen to out intuition… freedom to create the lives we want.

Freedom means that we’re not imprisoned by anyone else’s words, deeds or thoughts. People have been trained to love permission instead of freedom. Can we break out of the cocoon of imposed thoughts or is that idea too frightening for us? William Wordsworth said, “We tire easily of Freedom.” And Kafka observed, “Sometimes it’s easier to be in chains.”

We are free. But being free is not so easy. We have been conditioned otherwise for many years. Embracing our freedom will often put as odds with the people and world around us. Rosa Luxemburg wrote, “Freedom is always and exclusively for the one who thinks differently.” Just think what your life would have been like if you were, as Alexander Dubek said, “As free as nature first made man to be!”

Jesus said that knowing the truth would set you free. What truth exactly is that? To re-phrase Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s quote, “Jesus offered freedom but everywhere Christians are in chains.” I think this is so because we miss the truth Jesus was referring to. Why? Because that truth is too threatening to the person we have been conditioned to be. It’s just simpler and more comfortable to settle for a lesser truth, and settle for a pseudo-freedom, and then conveniently pin our focus on the afterlife and wait to die to be free.

(Photo from koolyogagirl1.tumblr.com)

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  1. BobO says:

    Thank you. I know that intuition is absolutely trustworthy, but I’m not sure why many times I don’t take the time out needed to listen. Perhaps you’re right; perhaps it is at times easier to be in chains. We find a level of comfort in conformity…security in its acceptance. And it’s not that we particularly desire to be in conformance or to be conventional, but the courage to accept the uncertainty of the degree of our nonconformity to which listening may lead us is daunting and challenging. So, we find ourselves seeking (or speaking for myself, I often find myself merely seeking) what will in reality be only longer chains, not true freedom…not a true, full connection (and listening) to intuition, the knowing within which faith is anchored. We settle for bits and pieces so that we can fill in the gaps as our need for conformity comfort dictates; we tether ourselves to the accepted so that we have some assurance of acceptance. But I think we find the courage to be free by acknowledging our will to be free and trusting the wisdom of truth to which intuition leads.

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