The real Jesus of history was something of a lighting rod.




The picture many people have been given of Jesus is of someone tip-toeing around in a flowing robe, speaking softly, and carrying a baby lamb in his arms.

But the real Jesus of history was something of a lighting rod. One view of Jesus states, “He was the greatest debunker of religious hierarchies and traditions, the greatest desacralizer of holy places, times, people, rituals, priests and things, that this world has ever seen. The religious establishment hurriedly condemned him to death for blasphemy, while the secular powers executed him for sedition.”

I see Jesus as someone who expressed great gentleness, love, kindness, empathy and compassion when the situation called forth this in him. He was committed to non-violence. But Jesus also gave people hell when the situation required it.

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  1. Carol Montgomery says:

    All who challenge the status quo and question that authority, all who urge each person to find the divine within rather than outside themselves will be seen as dangerous – and in fact are. They are a danger to the entrenched power elites and privileged and are likely to be eliminated.

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