We are often ignorant of the truth.

hiding2We are often ignorant of the truth or the way things really are. Not because we are stupid, incapable or too dumb to know, but because the truth is wider and deeper than what our social conditioning will allow us to consider or explore. For example, our ego is highly invested in keeping our perspective small and tight because that’s where the ego draws it’s identity. The ego needs to define itself with something small enough to manage and control – your job, your achievements, your body, your personality, your relationships, etc. You may even become invested in your problems because they can even supply a way for the ego to define itself. It’s no secret that the reason many people have to be “right” about their view of God or interpretation of the Bible is because the ego is relying on “being right about God” as an identity. The ego will always be threatened by and fight a broader perspective or understanding because it feels too much like a loss of self – at least that’s what your ego wants you to believe.

The most common way to shrink our perspective or understanding is to be in a state of fear. Have you ever wondered why religious people can sometimes be the most narrow-minded people? Fear. Religion can have a way of putting “the fear of God” in people that actually assures that they will never know the truth or they way things really are. Why? Because what’s real and true lies beyond what fear will allow someone to see, understand or know. Fear shrinks perspective and understanding.

On the other hand, fearlessness expands our perspective and understanding. Fearlessness allows us to see and know the truth and the way things really are. This is why unconditional love is always the foundation of moving past our social conditioning to know the truth. One of the Bible verses that transformed my reality with God was the verse, “God is love.” Once knowing I was secure in God’s love I had the fearlessness to explore beyond what my social/ego/religious conditioning would allow before

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  1. Christi says:

    I wanted to comment on this last week because the day it posted was the day I learned the reality of it first-hand. In light of some recent posts of yours on FB, particularly the Michael Singer quote about how we are not our thoughts, but rather the observer of them, and if we want to know the real us, we have to get to know that silent voice who sits and observes (my paraphrase)…I was so taken by that quote, that I had to look up his book, The Untethered Soul, from which the quote came. I found myself stunted for a second. A moment of fear came over me before agreeing to purchase the book on Kindle. A few short years ago, I NEVER would have considered reading such a book. It was too…well, too..UN-Christian. And I would have been ostracized by anyone who knew I had read it. lol. But, I let the truth of God’s love for me supersede…that there is no place I can go where He is not, and I purchased it. And I was absolutely amazed and stunned at how He showed up! His voice was so evident…so comforting…so free. As I read, I found verses of Scripture flooding my mind (I haven’t read the Bible in years…that’s a whole other story) and instead of condemnation there was…peace. It was amazing. And beautiful. Had I not been willing to lay aside my “boxed” notion of God from the past, I would have missed out. This was not the first time something you have said has coincided exactly to where God was at work in my own life, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Thank you for sharing your heart…and teaching others to do the same…

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