I was in search of an identity.


I was in search of an identity. Having barely escaped a horrendous childhood and youth, I had no idea who Jamie Palmer was. I needed someone to tell me. Religion adopted me, gave me a new name – ‘Jim,’ and more importantly, gave me something solid to stand on for some sense of self. Religion made me a star. I guess that’s what I wanted or thought I did. Religion became my mother and my father, and I put my trust in them. My trust was so complete that I believed what they told me about myself – that I was bad, a filthy rag, repulsive to God, and lucky to be going to heaven when I die because of Jesus’ blood. I trusted them so much that I accepted the mission of telling others this same thing. Instead of giving me an identity, religion stole it and throw away the key. It has been a long and arduous process of learning to be free. There are days when religion is still like a ball and chain. I guess I could be bitter but despite what religion took from me, it gave me Jesus. Admittedly, the Jesus that religion taught me was a false one. But somehow I always knew deep inside that there was more to Jesus than what religion had told me. I was right.

Latest Comments

  1. mercyminded says:

    I so enjoy your posts Jim

  2. Christi says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself…

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