I am… An Inclusivist


I am…

An Inclusivist
I believe all of life is sacred, every human being is beautiful, and each moment matters.

An Atheist
I don’t believe in a “God” whose love and acceptance is conditional, or who advocates fear, shame, oppression, injustice, ignorance, repression or hatred.

An Agnostic
There is twice as much that I don’t know, than I do know. The mystery of it all cannot be cloaked in certainty.

A Student of Jesus
I want to be courageously human, a powerful expression of love, acceptance, peace, beauty, goodness, freedom and compassion in this world, and live without separation from myself, God, others and life… as I see Jesus did.

A Possibility-iest
I believe in the possibility of humankind awakening to our profound interconnectedness, and the possibilities of the power of love to transform our world.

Latest Comments

  1. claire says:

    Is there really such a thing as an Inclusivist just as you described? Then I am one too…

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