Try to understand the metaphor of a mother’s love.


Try to understand the metaphor of a mother’s love. A mother loves her child without imposing a condition on her love. The child is not required to earn or maintain their mother’s love, but can fully rest in the unwavering and unalterable reality of it. The child knows they can always turn to this love.

See how the mother looks upon her child as part of her Being. The spark of her child’s life flickers inside her, and the child’s essence is knit in her womb. She carries this life inside her until giving birth to the child. The child is born, but there’s no disputing that the child came from her and is part of her. The child is in the mother, and the mother is in the child… and there is love.

Understand yourself in this way as born of God. Know that God looks upon you through eyes of love as part of God’s being.

Now open your eyes and see others around you. See them through these same eyes of the mother, and look upon them as being part of your Being.

Press deeper into the above words and recognize the enormity of their implication, for herein lies the secret of to transformation, burying the illusion of separation and returning to the reality of Oneness.

Jesus told his followers he was going away, which upset them because they perceived separation. But Jesus said it was necessary for his departure in order for them to know that separation was not real and that his life… the One life… was alive in them and was their life.

But not just this, Jesus also taught his followers that the way they related to the least of all people would be considered their way of relating to Jesus directly. Jesus buried both the illusion of separation from God, and the illusion of our separation from one another. Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would know the truth of our Oneness with God and with one another.

All suffering is born of the illusion of separation.

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  1. Ryan Swain says:

    I’m usually right there with you Jim. Your insights and experiences are valuable. On this topic of unconditional love, my experience has shown me that within the realm of time and space it is nearly impossible for a mother to truly Love with no conditions. The emotional wounds that we all have create fear within us, and fear breeds conditional love. When a mother gets scared or angry at her child, she is allowing her own fear to compel her to use emotional force to change the situation. We all do it. We may know, intellectually, that we Always Love our children, but when we are angry with them and put emotional pressure on them, we are conditionally accepting them. No one feels unconditional Love in the face of judgment, and kids receive anger as being judged as “not acceptable exactly the way you are. You need to change to get my Love.” Sorry for the long comment….this topic is near and dear to my heart. (No pun intended) God is the source of unconditional Love and our wounds that result from our “conditional” upbringing are the fuel for our journey back to our unconditional source.

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