What is life?


“What is life?
How would you answer?
Life is _______________ ?

Life is struggle.
Life is stress.
Life is disappointment.
Life is heartache.
Life is survival.
Life is… like a box of chocolates.

But in reality, life is none of these things. Life is not a thing that happens to you. “Life is struggle” is not cast upon you. “Life is stress… disappointment… heartache… survival…” is not something forced on. There’s what happens in the time and space of your existence, and then there’s the meaning and response you add to it and the result of all of that is “your life.” You are the one who is adding the meaning and the response.

So the truth is that life is what you make it. Life has no meaning except for what you give to it. You have the power to shape your experience of life because you can create an empowering context for your life, which means you are determining or causing the experience of your life each day by the meaning you are giving to what is taking place in each moment.

This is an extraordinary gift from God, and one of the primary ways we experience ourselves as an expression of God. The creation story of Genesis 1 is still unfolding each moment in and through your life and the experience of life you are creating.

This is a bit frightening for some people because we can settle for this strange comfort in being a victim to our lives, and we are threatened by the idea that we are responsible for the experience of life we are having and that we have the power to change and create it.”

– Jim Palmer, Thoughts From (over) The Edge

Latest Comments

  1. ms4runr says:

    Well Jim, there are times I would find this annoying for some reason, but today I find it poignant.
    It is a fine line, still, between asking for peace in situations we cannot control and ‘doing’ something to change what we can. As the saying goes, there is wisdom in knowing the difference.

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