Did you just feel that?


Did you just feel that?

There was this… well… communication.
It was like a message or reality that was being transmitted.
I didn’t hear it or see it, but I felt it. I touched it. I experienced it.
It was like the flow of a river, and I was standing in it.
It was some kind of an expression… a presence that was quietly there, wanting me to notice.
It was warm like the sun on my skin.
It felt beautiful.
It was like gusts of peace and freedom blissfully beaming through every molecule of my being.
I felt so alive!
There was no fear, and I knew that there was no reason to be afraid, ever.
I touched something… it was life, it was presence, it was knowing… it was this amazing and mysterious goodness and benevolence that wanted me to know all was well.
It was like the sky, going out in every direction with no end.
Feeling it, I knew there was nothing in all the world more real than what I was touching, and that anything contrary to it could not be real.

Surely you must have felt it.

Latest Comments

  1. Darlene Rossi says:

    yes…and more than once! 🙂 Thanks Jim!!

  2. puddleglum says:

    No, I never have. Sorry, but there are people like me out here. For some reason that threatens folks. I don’t know why. I DO believe you felt it. Even those who don’t, can’t take this away from you. As for me, I have given up trying. It’s too depressing not to.

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