Your life is not what is happening…


“We are in conversations with ourselves most all the time.

Conversations about…

what’s going well and what’s not,
what others think,
what we think,
how we feel,
how something should be different or better,
what was meant by what that person said or did, or didn’t say or didn’t do,
the invariable what ifs,
how abouts,
are you kiddings?,
how we are measuring up,
what needs to change about us,

The conversation is like a voiceover on our lives.

Your life is not what is happening, it is what’s happening plus what you are saying in that conversation with yourself about what’s happening. That conversation with yourself is like a filter through which we process and apply meaning to life. That inner conversation is subtle but pervasive, inconspicuous but powerful. Life is not something that just happens or happens to you, you are actually creating and generating your experience of life out of that inner conversation and voiceover.

The old credit card commercial asked, “What’s in your wallet?” An instructive and transformative question to be asking in your life would be, “What’s in your conversation?” This is why the scriptures say that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. When we transform that conversation and voiceover in our head, our lives are liberated. Aristotle wrote, ” The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold.” For example, you were created out of the image, likeness, and essence of God, which means in every moment you are complete, whole, and free as God made you. However, the voiceover in your head says, “I am inadequate. I am not good enough. Something is wrong with me. I am defective. I don’t measure up.” That deviation from the truth in your mind, which becomes your voiceover, will spread its toxicity through every area of your life.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes From (over) The Edge

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  1. lisa volatile says:

    This is WAY true Jim……I go through this all the time. I try to stay focused, ( On God ) …… like focusing on Him as being with me/ right next to me…. helping me to ~ not doubt, not to fear, not to run, not to get sick to my stomach with worries of the future. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind & I know the plans I have for you, plans for a future, & to give you hope. These are the things I need to dwell on….Great writing…..Thank you

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