There is no fear in love…


So much of religion seems to be about fear:

fear of going to hell;
fear of having bad theology;
fear of not satisfying your end of the bargain so God will favor you and bless you;
fear of others finding out how much you’re not really like the person you project and pretend to be;
fear of trusting your own inner guidance and fear of thinking for yourself;
fear of not upholding the expectations of your religious sub-culture;
fear of sexuality;
fear of people who are different;
fear of the world…

I spent over a year soaking in one verse of scripture, “God is love” and every one of those fears disintegrated. There is no fear in love, or so I learned.

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  1. Araceli Gonzàlez says:

    Jim, 🙂 Good Evening. It was 2:30 A. M. When I read this, I had insomnia then for good! I focused in the last paragrah “God is love” and in the world Religion as well. Religion:believe, power, influence. “Never fear”, The Bible teaches that man was made in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26) We thus have good qualities because God has good qualities.

  2. Inga Dahl (@DahlingElise) says:

    I remember replacing the word ‘love’ in Corinthians 13 with ‘God’. It was a beautiful sentiment, and may have helped others, but it didn’t help me. My God was not love. My God was anger, punishment, disappointment, control, violence.
    In my deconstruction, I’m trying to find the God that is love. The one Jesus talked about. And in my deconstruction, I can’t call him father. Not yet.
    But I have taken to addressing him as ‘dear good, kind generous, loving, gentle, non-punishing higher power, Jesus’ father’ in an attempt to change those tapes. It’s a mouthful, but I feel it needs to be done.
    I came across this, and know that I can’t expect quick or instant results. It took you over a year to find that better God. Thanks for sharing.

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