The miracle of Jesus was his humanity.


“The miracle of Jesus was his humanity. It takes guts to be human the way Jesus was. His life was a stand for the divine worth of every human being. Jesus is not about going to church, being good, reading through the Bible in a year or proper systematic theology. Jesus is about putting yourself in the line of fire, standing for the worth of a woman who had been condemned as a whore and thrown in the dirt to be executed.

You want to “be like Jesus”? How far will you go in standing for the divine worth of every human being? How about a Zero Tolerance policy – indiscriminately honoring and defending every human being as a child of God, and acting whenever you see that worth diminished.

So many people in this world have given up on themselves are on the brink of doing so. Being Jesus means not letting them. That includes not giving up on yourself, and being a stand for you own worth and value.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (over) the Edge

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  1. dmmunroe says:

    Thank you Jim…

  2. Cheryl Stone says:

    I loved this so very much that I put it on my FB wall (I tagged you and gave appropriate credit, but wasn’t sure you had seen it). Anyway, this is what I wrote:

    Because of my constant hunger for improvement, growth, understanding (call it what you will) I subscribe to a lot of blogs, and I read. A lot. I am very fortunate to have some awesome prolific writers, speakers, pastors and theologians (though they may not think of themselves that way) as friends. I say that to say that I never run out of inspirational, thought-provoking and/or challenging pieces with which to confront (or comfort) myself. However, the danger in having so much at hand is that I have a tendency to skim through them, then bookmark, file, or delete them. Sometimes, though, things stop me in my tracks. Things that cause me to re-review who I am and how I act and what I represent. It’s good to get slapped in the face with the painful reality that you aren’t always who you say you are or who you want to be. So I am offering this piece (below) for whoever can use it; if you are NOT a subscriber to “Life is My Religion” by Jim Palmer, then RUN over there right now and subscribe.

    This reminded me of a time several years ago when I decided to make a stand for my own worth and value. I literally ‘planted’ my feet firmly in the ground and said, “ENOUGH!” That decision, that moment of clarity, came at a high price – but I gained the freedom to see myself as God created me and also gained a life worth living. Perhaps that is why I see the divine worth in every human being – even those others see only as evil – I know what ‘worthless’ feels like. Thank you, Jim Palmer, for this. I hope ONE PERSON will come to the same conclusion I did years ago – that they are beautiful, loved and WORTHY.

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