End of Suffering Cohort Group Information


I’m passing along the information on a cohort group I’m leading in May:

End of Suffering Cohort Group
A spiritual journey of exploring and addressing the root causes of personal suffering

People turn to religion, God and spirituality in hopes of attaining peace, well-being, freedom and happiness. But despite their effort and dedication, their discontent continues. The End of Suffering Cohort Group is designed to address the root causes of personal suffering. It involves letting go of those beliefs about ourselves, God and life that cause our suffering, and taking on new ways of seeing and being that keep us connected and grounded in our true source of peace, well-being, freedom and happiness.

The journey is a 5-week process that includes:

1. Participating in a cohort community
• The cohort groups are generally 8 people, who are broken down into pairs or partners
• A private Facebook Group Page allows cohort members to process the journey together through sharing and mutual encouragement and support
• Jim will maintain an active presence on the group page for interaction and discussion
• Each member will be paired up with a partner in the group for the purpose of creating and maintaining an active spiritual friendship for the cohort journey and beyond

2. 5 Individual Spiritual Direction Calls
• After some preliminary and foundation-laying assignments through email, Jim will have a weekly spiritual direction call with each Cohort member by phone or Skype
• Each call will revolve around a key area related to addressing the root cause of personal suffering, and fleshed out in the context of each person’s life and journey
• Readings and assignments will be given to each member between calls

3. Each cohort member who completes the journey will receive a 25% discount on the next cohort group of their choice.

The cohort group is scheduled to begin the second week in May. The total cost for the End of Suffering Cohort group is $250. If you are interested in participating, send Jim a Facebook message or email him at: nobody.jimpalmer@gmail.com

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