Checking In


I appreciate all of you who subscribe to my blog, leave comments and contact me on the side. I wanted to pass along to you a couple other places where you can find me online.

Especially as it relates to my first three books, you can explore more about them on my Goodreads Author Page.

My personal Facebook Page maxed out in terms of friends, and so I started another Facebook Page where I am doing a lot of posting and sharing.

My publisher sent me a couple cases of Divine Nobodies, and Wide Open Spaces. For the month of May, if you make a $50 PayPal contribution to my spiritual crisis counseling work I will send you a signed copy of each book. Also, as a reminder, there is a Kindle version of Being Jesus in Nashville.

This summer I will be finishing the fourth book, Notes from (Over) the Edge. I’ll keep you posted.


“The miracle of Jesus was his humanity. It takes guts to be human the way Jesus was.” – Jim Palmer


Latest Comments

  1. Araceli Gonzàlez says:

    Hello! Jim, Thanks a lot for everything You do for everyone, will reading your post, “please don’t dropped in facebook 😦 I am coping with my own accions and more them ever NEED your support. As you notice my face book is desactive it. I don’t for how long.”someone broke my HEART” and feeling extremaly, blue and wordless. But I am sad. 😦 I will be glad and waiting for this feeling to get away. “I need some motivation” GRACIAS!

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