There was a way that art opened me.


“There was a way that art opened me. It was the poets, painters, photographers, musicians, dancers, writers, tattooers, playwrights and performers who emboldened me to plummet the depths of my own soul, and travel the distance of my deepest feelings.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes From (over) The Edge

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  1. lisa volatile says:

    Hi Jim…… I haven’t read my e-mail in days. Glad I caught this. Just a great note from your book. Really understand that! I am a struggling artist. It’s always been there buried under a lifetime of crap….. (for lack of a better term). I do Mosaic Art & Painting/ abstract. I’ve done Art & Craft shows here locally to where I live & had my Mosaic’s shown locally in galleries, also I have work on the Art page of our local paper. My life is changing, in many different directions. Firstly, I see you are from Nashville TN, We currently have our house on the market & are planning a move to Tennessee. We were in Gatlinburg this past Feb. just loved it. This is something I & my husband have felt we were suppose to do since last September. To make a long story short… husband had a job offer, we put the house up, then yep….. offer fell through.Anyways, we still feel led to do this. We were considering the Knoxville & surrounding areas so he could try to find work, (he’s a environmental engineer/ health & safety kinda guy) & I want to try to be a not so struggling Artist since the area is more condusive to my work. Where I live it’s just not happening…..for either of us. Just last night he said to me….You no Lisa this move might be meant to be more for us to do this together…… maybe try a small shop for my Art & he handle the business end. Funny how God works…..I can’t count the people & other ”little” things that keep pointing us to TN. I plan on Starting a FB page with my work & see about getting on ETSY, something I should have done way b4 now. Just find it amazing to the TN people lately. Love your writings, I do follow your page most days but usually don’t get to it till early evening. Keep up on your work with the painting…… It so frees the soul up. Peace to you brother!! 🙂

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