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“When I went off the grid of organized Christianity, I went through this blackout period when I could not stomach hardly anything to do with God, Christianity, the Bible, prayer, etc… An interesting place to be for a former seminary grad and successful Senior Pastor. Didn’t go to church, didn’t converse about God or Christianity, didn’t pray, didn’t read my Bible, didn’t listen to “Christian music”… nothing! It was during this period when I, in many respects for the first time, became deeply connected to myself, others, the divine, and life, and became a new foundation for forging ahead, including my interests in Jesus.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes From (over) The Edge

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  1. Elena says:

    Every thing you wrote, and I do mean everything, is also true of me. No wonder I love the messages you share. We are brothers from another mother! Thank you for sharing your heart in this way. I’m sure countless others are as blessed as I am to receive them.

  2. Leslie says:

    Your story resonates with me completely. I call myself a progressive, recovering fundamentalist. Yet, I cannot embrace my husband’s religion, Roman Catholicism, because I still believe in parts of a Protestant theology. My mom and dad, brothers and sister, are very different than me, both in religion in politics. I’ve always felt like an outsider throughout my life. I find comfort in your journey (sorry!). I also have found some Facebook groups that I have affinity with and that is helpful. Thank you for sharing your journey with those of us who are also travelling our own paths.

  3. lisa volatile says:

    What made you decide to go off the grid? Would I find this answer in your book? I had No idea you were once a Pastor. I no what I have seen in churches over my lifetime & it’s really bad. I’ve had some very bad experiences. One of which that took place about 18 to 20 years ago…… it took me along time to get past that. I got my hands on everything I could read to help me see what was truly going on at this church. I do currently go, but I must admit it is very, very reluctantly. Then since last Sunday, OH man!!! My son, just turned 8 yesterday……….. I got 2 kids my new 8 year old & my daughter who is 25 on June 4th. My son told us that last Sunday the woman who teaches the class he is in that if he swears…. ..( which he doesn’t), that’s more me, but he thought of me when she told him this…… That he will go to The underworld….. (as she put it). It was after church later that day I swore over something & he gasped & truly was afraid, almost, ( sorta did) start crying & I was Pissed! I want to say something to her….. I really do, how dare her!! Of course this spurned what I wrote in your blog yesterday…. My husband & I talking we gotta get out of here, We can’t sell this house quick enough, etc. etc. So here we are with this to deal with….. So yeah Jim, I’m ready to say screw it & live off the grid in more ways than one, brother. I love Jesus!! I believe with all my heart! I want to help my fellow man….. all that! Just simply & without all the nonsense of the church. One thing that I keep going back to though is….. Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together. Fellow shipping with other Christians, worship etc. Maybe I need your books. Sorry for the ramble bro. You just struck a cord. Thanks for this Post!! ❤

  4. Jamie Godfrey says:

    Jim I came by your blog by a friend on Facebook that had posted your “I am truth” blog & well then I kept reading most of them… I find it all as a new, refreshing breath of air in this most suffocating world. IMO humanity has taken the truth of God & Jesus Christ & His Holy Spirit, twisted it into a corporation to become gluttonously & obscenely wealthy & to manipulate & control the masses into slavery. You have affirmed what I have learned & been given in the past few months about the Word/Code of God; It is nigh-infinite in its layers.

    I grew up like most in an abusive, dysfunctional family that cause a myriad of problems even to this day. My dad was a USMC Drill Instructor & alcoholic so you can do simple math to imagine the joys of my childhood. Neither he or my mom ever really involved us in church or religion much, but there was a shadow of it. I grew up with an “inner knowing” of God. I have memories & dreams from as young as 5 years old I could tell you about. But I followed that still, small inner voice & grew & learned all I could of God, Jesus, Christianity etc. Over the years of my life I attempted to “fit in” at specifically four “churches” over the years. One in particular is a well known “mega-church” Redemption World Outreach (their hands into your pockets with a guilt trip) Center. I wont go into details with my experiences. But what I have found thus far in my journey is something that is considered near anathema to traditional doctrine these days; God IS!

    To me the bible is a code book, a secret a puzzle book that you must show sincere interest in the relationship to understand & delve into to figure it out, yet it always evolves from one meaning at a specific time, point, & event in your life to mean something else in another. Certain aspects never sat well with me. The pieces would not fit. All that I was told seemed based on fear & that I must “do this or that” of suffer. But I’ve realized some things that to me, can if given logical thought (which the Creator gave us & uses as per evidence of creation) tears apart the egotistical theologies of modern male-dominated “Christianity” that we have today.

    God is omnipotent, omniscient, & omnipresent (“Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD” Jeremiah 23:24). The bible says that God is Love & is also Spirit (definitions given of limited human understanding are as “a ghost; energy; breath; a strong emotional feeling for something; alcoholic spirits. etc.,). So we have a super being that IS LOVE. He/she/it has all power & all knowledge & therefore IS those things as well, as knowledge in the human world can only be obtained by learning through experience or by being created. ergo God created ALL THINGS! But this all-knowing, all-powerful being that is & always has been & will be created everything from nothing. Now where did God get the proverbial “stuff” to create everything from if HE IS everywhere? What else kind’ve could be said to be everywhere? hmmm… what we call the “universe” (funny how there’s a lot of similarities between cosmic phenomenon & the human organism)? So if given that is the case then all exists within God (perhaps His mind?).

    So next we’re “told” that God created this one special little guy that rebelled against him with a 3rd of the Lords other creations (angels) & so God created this lovely little place of eternal suffering & fire for theses guys, Which so happens in the event we don’t believe in Him & His plan of salvation (not arguing any of this just speaking my thoughts… trying to iron them out per se)) that e end up with an eternal sunburn. Now not to mention that God then created the heavens & the earth & made Adam & Eve & gave us our original program & instructions. Tells not to eat of a tree He put their & for some reason thinks that it is irrelevant to tell us about this walking, talking, super wise & devious Serpent guy…

    So we’re told we have a Supreme Father that created everything & love us all dearly even ol Lucy himself. Yet God had all knowledge then he had to have known before or during His creation or intended to thereof that he would rebel? Knew that with the intention to put that damndable tree in paradise that we would still fall & all for what? The bible also says that the Lamb was slain before the foundations of Heaven & earth…” Taking all of this literally & at face value can almost drive one insane, but once you find the key, understand the code, realize the truth of God is love well then the scales fall away. Not saying none of the above didn’t happen but what if there’s all more to it? How then could evil really exist or even the devil sin death hell etc if God is everywhere? To me there simply is God as He/She/It is omnipresent & where else could all knowledge & power dwell except within the universe/God?

    Not claiming absolute correctness here, only as to me, a relative possibility & plausibility in the vast potential that is existence. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world, but what if that is due in god doing what He as a gentlemen would do best & give us back to ourselves, the truth that sets us free? What if we all realized we were/ARE ONE are God? Would that then not bring Heaven on earth? if we realized we’re all connected, which we are given particle & quantum physics, that all atoms are 99.99999% empty space & our electro-magnetic fields sound waves, frequencies etc., intermingle through each other. What…if? All is connected and there simply is the all the One. yet there are certain things we must experience because of the desirer for illusion & separation from Self. A good movie that illustrates this to a certain degree is “The Fountain” the end per se. This is as theoretical as everything else, but makes more sense to me, which, I believe God would want our relationship with Him to be & mean. To be as simple as the love that He expressed to us through Jesus Christ. Thank you for the blog & God bless.

  5. 2btrue says:

    Organized religion has gone past being tired. Time to challenge the old dogma’s and doctrines.

  6. Steve Roberts says:

    I went through similiar emotions after leaving revivalism – I think that was why I finally had to bleed in public through my first two books on my slow discovery of grace…

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