16 things people report about their shedding religion journey


16 things people report about their shedding religion journey:

1. You’re losing your religion but gaining your sanity.
2. Maybe you left church because it wasn’t helping you know God or grow spiritually.
3. You know you are on the right path but trying to explain that path to others is like nailing Jello to a wall, and you often feel misunderstood.
4. Your new life beyond religion isn’t quite as defined as things used to be.
5. You have twice as many questions as you do answers but strangely you’re okay with this.
6. Sometimes you doubt yourself, and crave a religious fix to make you feel better.
7. You desperately wish someone (anyone!) would just accept you where you are right now.
8. Oh, for just a couple of people you could sit down with face-to-face and talk with about all this stuff without the threat of judgment and condemnation!
9. On Monday you feel free, and on Tuesday you wonder if you are going crazy.
10. Christ without Christianity, truth without theology, and community without church makes complete sense to you but it also makes you a heretic among some of your former friends who avoid you in the grocery store.
11. You don’t know how to answer the question, “Are you a Christian?”
12. You refuse to divulge the books you are currently reading because you know it’s going to alarm the people who already think you’ve gone off the deep end.
13. You get nauseated when you hear Christanese.
14. You’re not sure where your Bible is.
15. Suddenly you’re liking the people who were previously classified as “them.”
16. Prayer is more an authentic and powerful desire for the liberation of others and contributing to it, rather than a magic God-wand to save the day.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Latest Comments

  1. Steve Roberts says:

    Haha – I hear you on so many of these Jim. We really got to have a coffee sometime 😉

  2. beckybackert says:

    You are preaching to my choir!
    I kept going back to church because I loved the church music and choirs!
    the rest made me twitch!

  3. MiaMia says:

    Dear Jim
    Spot on with this after-church list. I has a good giggle about not knowing where your Bile is. I might not always know where my Bible is, but I know the living Word living in me.
    Thanks XX

  4. twint says:

    How true these ALL are!!! Thankyou for being so brave in putting these posts out! They totally ring true to me.

  5. Angi Watson Dudas says:

    A lot of these sound familiar.

  6. Elena says:

    I don’t know how you do it, but you read my mind, often better than I can read it myself!

  7. Dane Anthony says:

    Ok, so here’s another guy who gets it… I sense I’d like to sit down over coffee or a beer and get to know him one day.

  8. Greg Poppy says:

    I didn’t know what to make of your blog when I first came upon it, but since I stopped normal with following Jesus two-and-a-half years ago, this list rings true in so many ways. I believe religion has become a source of validation for many people inside and outside the church, which can cheapen the actual gospel of Christ

  9. Puddleglum says:

    I can relate to a lot of these as well. A big one for me that I would add to the list is: “Aloneness.” I don’t mean loneliness. I mean the total inability of others to understand what I mean and where I’m coming from. It’s being labeled and brushed off so one is totally alone in the context of other people.

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