In the depths of our true Self we are peace, freedom, well-being, and contentment.


In the depths of our true Self we are peace, freedom, well-being, and contentment. On the surface of our lives there is drama because of our preferences, attachments, and not seeing things as they truly are. Your true Self is undisturbed and undisturbable. But this Self is masked by all the drama we are creating on the surface of our lives as we seek to attain happiness in ways that can never produce it.

The world is characterized by change and impermanence, and can never be the source of lasting peace and happiness. We suffer a million times over because of this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. But we do this every day – we form attachments and cling to impermanent things to give us peace and happiness. The bad news is that there is nothing that can “make you happy.” The good news is that there is nothing that can make you unhappy.

You can be fully connected and engaged in life and the world without being “attached.” Consider the possibility that this is what Jesus was describing when he spoke of being IN this world but not OF this world. Being “in this world” is to be fully connected and participating in life as it unfolds moment by moment, responding as situations require. As Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

The “not of this world” part is a recognition of who You are at the deepest level, and seeing beyond what appears on the surface of things. The “not of this world” part recognizes that the underlying, unchanging, and fundamental essence of who we are is the image, likeness and being of God, and that this essence is the underlying and fundamental nature of all things. The “not of this world” part is recognizing that there is no separation – from God, one another, love, peace, wholeness, well-being, and freedom. That instead, this is who we are and is never threatened, disturbed, diminished or compromised.

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  1. Dan P. says:

    Absolutely Jim. Everything you said, I have either said, thought or felt at one time or another, I feel like I wrote this blog post, lol. We truly are all one with God and each other at the core of our being.

  2. Julie Lafond says:

    beautiful you are speaking my language

  3. Ian Williams says:

    Hi Jim, I am liking what you are laying down. In 2008, a few days before Rosh Hashanah, I was guided by the Holy Spirit to go and pray with my aging, stroke bound mother and then to go up on the hills adjacent our City of Christchurch and pray as led.

    As I sat next to her, on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and of her 81st birthday, I wondered within how I might communicate with her an heard “Speak to her Spirit”. I did so, I still am not sure how as i was so blown away by what God and she did that I completely forgot what I said. Let’s just say it was like prayer, it is an attitude and an intention which determines the actions.

    Immediately her inner (wo)man came out and rested externally upon her – she was beautiful beyond compare, radiant, glowing gold, utterly, completely at Peace – Shalom – entire, complete, lacking nothing. Then her flesh fought back and the Spirit simply withdrew. I heard, “Do it again” and again the same result, and then again, a third time, and again her Spirit was perfect and utterly at Peace, and again the flesh fought back and the Spirit simply retired to its repose, its rest state in God.

    I then went up on to the rim of her Lyttelton volcano and was told to stop and pray at the exact spot where the first settlers crested the hills to behold the Canterbury Plains and the Southern Alps laid out before them. I asked how I ought pray and was told to declare shaking, that every home, every church, every business, every life, be shaken (for the kingdom cannot be shaken, as I was given to see by my mother, who most of her life had been an avowed atheist, and had often expressed deep resentment and anger at God, if there indeed there was a God).

    After praying there, I was led to continue on around the hills until I came to a place called Mt Pleasant. I got a nudge to stop and pray there but kind of carried on, thinking that my mission was accomplished, when the Holy Spirit said, “You are about to miss it so badly…” and I turned and went back to where He bade me stop, and I was directed to a rocky outcrop where it was if i could see the whole world laid out before me.

    I was told to pray over the US Congress, that the consciences of those who still served Christ at the altar of their hearts instead of Mammon; I sensed that they would vote against TAARP and the Markets would crash. It was kind of a reverse of the Jesus being taken up and shown all the nations of the world (Of course the Devil was lying, they were already God’s). I heard to believe for the world, to pray on BEHALF IF ALL MEN EVERYWHERE, as they mostly do not know how to pray in faith, but are more about pleading with God to get their will done rather than submitting to Him such that His Will be done.

    The rest is His-story, the City was slammed by a series of earthquakes, the worst being an M6.6 directly under where I, and I later found others, had been instructed to pray. It happened 877 days (adds to 22) after the prayer – on the 2:22.

    The first quake was in fact at least two, with a 7.4 and a 7.1 recorded. The event happened 706 days after the prayer on the 9:4:2010. The day, 9:4, and the duration, both add to 13, as did the Haiti quake (1:12). Two days before the quake I was told to go out on the deck of our house and to pray protection over the city. I saw what looked like a huge gossamer silken sheet cover the whole city and felt peace. On the night of the quake, I was awake until 3:00am, when God told me to pray over my household and my family.

    When I awoke at 4:35am to the quake, my wife grabbed me and clung on – she said later that when she did, all fear left her. I felt no fear. Miraculously, hardly anyone was hurt and none killed, but Churches and Masonic Lodges were particularly hit hard. When the second big quake hit, it finished off the churches and nailed Commerce, and as a result of this, our Communo/Fascist Govt is increasingly stripping the City Council of its power and appointing Commissioners (Commissars) in its place.

    The Lord has told me that the next thing to be hit will be the Capital City of Wellington, hence Govt – so we will have the complete set, Leviathan (religion), Behemoth (commerce) and Ziz (government) – all shaken – and the people stirred. But God told me too, especially in a vision 30yrs ago, that the world and especially the Church, will be brought to its knees before it will cry out in desperation, “What must we do to be saved” – they will still think that they have to do something to please God and get Him on side, because that is how they are – creatures of carnal comforts.

    Paul wrote that all the things we worry about come down to food and shelter. Where we fall foul is that we try to figure out God instead of merely coming to Him as the YHWH, which means literally, HE IS. Trying to work out God is futile, better to work out your own salvation with due reverence. It is the Father within, He does the works, not you.

    The same God who was and is the Genesis of my mother’s Spirit, told me when I asked what was behind our disasters said, “My Army, the Assyrians”. Our country, like Israel, has been playing the harlot with the Assyrians (Germanic peoples, including America, Britain, Germany, France etc) and now those same Assyrians plan to divide this land for spoil, but God told me He shall divide them and give them their portion with the hypocrites.

    Yes, He will establish His kingdom, and all His enemies shall be consecrated as the rug under His feet. Yes, it is a completed work in Christ, waiting to be revealed to those who are blind to it – and it has been complete since before the foundations of the Universe, when God had, as it were, a Lamb slain from before time.

    Never, ever try and put God in a box, never judge Israel, and never forget the Germans.

  4. Dana Young says:

    Reblogged this on A life itself and commented:
    Realizing the nature of our true Self connects us with God and with the kingdom of Heaven that is ever-present, within and around us.

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