“Jesus said, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”


“Jesus said, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

Here are three reasons why I have discovered this to be so (and three thoughts on what you can do differently):

1. We want to have it our way.

Remember that old Burger King motto – “have it your way”? It is often the unspoken motto of our spiritual journey and pursuit of truth. We want to know the truth on our terms. We have conditions like:

a. It has to nicely fit in, complement, and support our current beliefs and understandings.
b. It must provide a sense of certainty and security.
c. It must not disturb our lives too much so as to to make us uncomfortable, or push us too far out of our comfort zone.

*To do things differently, decide that you will not allow yourself to deter you from your path of seeking truth by having conditions upon it.

2. We want to figure it out with, in, and through our minds.

Jesus spoke of a peace not of this world and beyond comprehension. He could have expanded this to include any and all spiritual truth. The true nature of all things is beyond the reaches of the mind. The truth is infinitely beyond the highest point the human intellect is possible of reaching. And yet, at almost every turn the mind is like the tail wagging the dog – we are continuously trying to satisfy our minds in our pursuit of truth.

*To do things differently, do not define, conceptualize, or theorize assertions of what the truth is. Only divest yourself from those notions or ways that you have found that don’t work. Refuse the temptation to conceptualize a new and better idea to replace it.

3. We imagine that what we seek is outside ourselves.

Peace, joy, well-being, freedom are not objects, experiences, circumstances or states of being to be added, achieved or attained. When a person is transformed, awakened or enlightened, nothing is changed or added. What happens is a turning around in the deepest seat of consciousness. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Repent, for the kingdom of God has come.” The word “repent” (Greek word, metanoia) literally means “beyond the mind.” It’s the idea of stretching or pushing beyond the boundaries with which we normally process reality. It’s a turning toward and recognition of the true nature of things beyond the knowledge or intellect of the mind. In other words, Jesus was saying, “The kingdom of God has come. It is not out there somewhere to achieve or attain, it is here right now, it is inside of you, and is you. Open the eyes of your heart and see it is true, see the way things truly are. Let your true self see it, turn toward it and know it to be so.”

When Jesus said, “I AM the truth,” Jesus was implying that one does not have to look any further than BEING to access and know the truth. Jesus calls us family because each of us were born out of the image, likeness and BEING of God. As Rumi expressed it, “We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop.”

*To do things differently, consider that the world is not as it appears where all things and individualized into separate forms, and independent and detached from one another. Look closer and deeper, and see how all things are expressions of one reality of which you are a part and connected.

So you see, the path that leads to life is narrow and few find it. Is there any surprise it would be this way just given the few things I have experienced and shared?”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

Latest Comments

  1. Patricia Zell says:

    Here’s a different take on it: the gate to the path of life is what Christ accomplished on the cross when obliterated the power of unbelief, and the narrow path has room for only two people–the individual and God.

  2. lucas says:

    You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!
    lucas http://steepster.com/palmhemp73

  3. MomJan says:

    We need to remember, though, who Jesus is and who He is talking to when we consider his words about the kingdom. He was talking to Jewish people who were supposed to be anticipating the coming of a Messiah–one who would liberate them from not only their worldly overlords (the Romans) but would also free them from their sin. Jesus Christ was the ultimate representation of the Kingdom of God on earth at that time. To say that “the kingdom of God… is you” is not a true statement according to what Jesus has to say. He tells us what the kingdom is like, but he never equates it with us. That would be to diminish its power and purpose. Are we created in God’s image? Yes. But do we maintain that image? No. Unfortunately, the good we were originally endowed with has suffered as a result of sin in our nature (which cannot be denied just from observation and introspection–we fall far short of God’s perfection). So apart from appropriating the sacrifice of Christ on the cross as the payment for our misdeeds and fallen nature in general, we have no relationship with the Kingdom that Jesus Christ represents and embodies.

  4. WatchmanX says:

    It won’t accept my “like” when I press it… not a blogger. So… LIKE!

  5. Ian Williams says:

    Narrow is the way which leads to Life and few there be who find it, but BROAD is the way which leads to oblivion and many are they who enter in thereby.

    They still enter in, but not by the Narrow Way, the Door – they enter in BY destruction – as in “Give him up to Satan for the DESTRUCTION OF THE FLESH so that his spirit might be saved in the Day or Light of the Lord.

    Now remember how it was Eve who was deceived?

    That’s why it is the Broad’s way that leads to oblivion. 0(:->)

  6. Ian Williams says:

    Repentance, as I am given to understand it, is to forsake your own way of thinking and exchange your mind for the Mind of Christ and His Way of thinking.

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