The language of transformation often works against us.


The language of transformation often works against us. We sometimes speak of “spiritual growth.” The idea of “growth” implies that spirituality is a process of stages in which we make improvements or progress toward becoming something more or different than what we are right now. Consider the possibility that you were born out of the image, likeness and being of God. The image, likeness and being of God is the underlying, unchanging, and fundamental essence of who you are. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you the way you are. You cannot be improved upon, and there is never any diminishment of who you are. There is nothing more secure than your true Self and it is never threatened.

Do you suppose that if you choose eggs over oatmeal for breakfast this morning that it will cause the sun to shop shining? Ridiculous, right? The two things are entirely unrelated. It’s the same with your true Self – it is undisturbed and unaffected by anything outside of it, including whatever you do or don’t do.

Jesus’ primary message was NOT, “Try harder; the kingdom of God is here.” Nor was it, “You have a lot of growing to do before you can ever expect to experience God’s kingdom.” Instead, Jesus said, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is here.” The word “repent” (metanoia) means to change your mind or to see things in a way you have never seen them before.

Transformation is not a growth process of improvement and advancement that happens in stages. Transformation is stopping right now and seeing things as they really are… seeing yourself as you really are.

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  1. rachael says:

    Very much agree, and love the way you worded it here 🙂

  2. Dan Pedersen says:

    That’s right, “spiritual growth” is not about “improvement,” but a life-long process of learning and accepting the truth about the way things really are.

  3. Jeremy Jones says:

    Who am I!?! I sure in the hell don’t know. I am Jesus!?! I am suppose to stop all my incorrect thoughts on a dime, and immediately start thinking thoughts about who I really am, what ever that is. If there are no certain words to define God, then how am I suppose to find the words to define myself!?!

    • WatchmanX says:

      “Who am I?” Discovering the answer to this question is simple but hard to get the head around. You are probably not who you think you are… if you were, it is unlikely you would have expected the solution to be about anything to do with your personal performance. This is not the time, nor am I the person, to present all the scriptural validation for what I am about to say, but, this, IMHO, summarizes…

      When your spirit is born, it is perfect and stays that way. The New Covenant established the Kingdom of God which is a spiritual kingdom… the flesh is not invited. Worrying about our own personal performance and what we see, instead of accepting the gift of eternal life, and having confidence in Jesus’ performance on our behalf (through His blood Covenant with the Father), is a constant source of discord, within and without. We are “in Him”… not doing a show for Him.

      The Father knew what we are and who we are when he designed the New Covenant. He knew exactly how imperfect and weak ever man is, in the flesh. Individuals who believe they may be in good standing with the Father, based on what they do or do not do, are not being honest with themselves… and worse, those who are honest and try diligently, are the most miserable. You/we/I will never perfect the flesh or even improve it enough to make it of any significance with the Father. He is a Spirit… in the New Covenant, we are, as well…new creations.

      Much love to you, my brother. I know your confusion. Heb 4 says we find rest when we have ceased from our own works… may your journey toward that be swift and comforting.

      • Ian Williams says:

        Now when is a spirit “born”? When was it conceived even? Where was it created?

        I think the answer may be in this:

        Ephesians 2
        1. Also to you who were dead in your sins and foolishness,
        2. As you walked in the ways of old, according to the worldliness of this universe, and according to the leaders of the earth’s governments, in the spirit that compels Children to be heedless,
        3. According to the same practices that we also followed in the past through the lust of our flesh, and according to the flesh we did what we considered justifiable (according to conscience) and ended up being children of wrath like everybody else.
        4. God, however, who is rich in mercy, loved us because of His great love,
        5. Whereas we were dead in our sins, He gave us life with Christ and saved us by his grace,
        6. And He raised us with him and placed us in heaven through Jesus Christ,
        7. That He may show the universes that are coming the great riches of his grace and His fulfillment through Jesus Christ that descended upon us.
        8. For it was by Grace that he saved us through faith, and this was not of your doing, except the gift of God.
        9. Not through the performance [of deeds,] so that no human should be proud.
        10. For we are his creation, whereas we are born through Jesus Christ as works of grace, those by which from olden times God favored us.

  4. Kimberly Nasief Westergren says:

    Beautifully worded. Too often, the “church” does make people believe that the sun will stop shining, that salvation is dependent on whether they choose A or B

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