There will be waves. That’s just what happens.


On the surface of the ocean, a huge tanker is crashing through the waves, disturbing the ocean’s surface. 7 miles down, the ocean is still and quiescent. A few interesting things to notice:

1. The disturbed water on the surface, and the quiescent, still water deep below are the same water.
2. The disturbed water on the surface has no effect on the water deep below.
3. Taking the ocean as how it appears on the surface in the wake of the tanker, it appears that the ocean is a rough and raging reality. And though this same ocean is quiescent and still deep below, that part remains hidden from our eyes and ears.

The surface of life appears to be like a huge tanker crashing through ocean waves. On the surface, life is not a smooth, placid surface. Right? There’s difficulty, disturbance, friction, the unexpected, conflict, change – in any given day there are all kinds of situations, conditions, and circumstances that makes life a rough ride. You have a body and mind (both of which change and are characterized by impermanence) interacting with a world that is characterized by change and impermanence, which means waves… lots of them. That’s never going to change. When there is a body and mind interacting in the human world… there will be waves!

However, what you don’t see is that 7 miles down… at the center of yourself, at the center of life, at the center of the world, at the center of all things… is a deep, still and quiescent reality. It’s not an object, or something you can point to, or put in a bottle. It is inconceivable and inexpressible. Many people use the word “God” to identify that reality. It is the underlying, unchanging and fundamental essence of all things, including yourself.

The important thing to see is that the water disturbed on the surface is the same quiescent water that is deep below. Right? Thinking of the ocean, the water in the surface waves is no different than the quiescent water deep below. It’s all the same water.

People are wanting to find peace and happiness in life by trying to make the surface of their lives smooth, placid, and undisturbed. We seek pleasure, and avoid pain. We try to engineer some set of life circumstances that we imagine will being peace and happiness. We attend conferences and seminars, and read books, in hopes of finding some new and improved way of eliminating the waves and achieving a smooth, disturbance-free life. Ain’t gonna happen. Ever! There will be waves. That’s just what happens. That’s the way it is.

But here’s the good news. It’s not necessary to have a wave-less life to have peace and happiness. Why? Because true peace and well-being is not the result of achieving a smooth, placid, wave-less surface. True peace and happiness stems from understanding how it works or recognizing the way things really are. Things are not as they appear. It appears that life is one crashing wave after another. But that’s not really the way things are. The way it really is involves recognizing that this same water is actually still and quiescent at the deepest level.

The surface is always going to manifest in waves because that’s just what happens when a body and mind encounters a world of change and impermanence. And yet beneath the surface, reality is still and quiescent. You don’t have to quiet the waves on the surface to create the stillness and quiescence. It is already there.

Jesus did not say, “Leave this world and find the Kingdom of God.” He did not say, “When you die and go to Heaven, you will enter the Kingdom of God.” Jesus said the Kingdom of God has come and is here now. How can that be true? It’s true because one does not have to calm the waves on the surface in order to know the still and quiescent reality below. Life is not separate from God. God is not separate from life… this life… now. It’s the same water. The only problem is that we take the appearance of things as the way they really are.

Latest Comments

  1. Susan P says:

    I needed this today.

  2. Hendrik says:

    I just love these articles, they mean so much to me. Thank you.

  3. WatchmanX says:

    This is such a breath of fresh air… I have known the things I have received from God were not unique to me, as I received them but, I have found the freedom in the Kingdom of God received with more enthusiasm by people professing to be athiests than by individuals who attend church regularly. Yet, we rest while they worry… It is such an encouragement to me to see others, I did not know existed, who have embraced our loving Father, without fear.

  4. Puddleglum says:

    So how do I get 7 miles down? I’ve tried prayer and meditation and that hasn’t worked for me. I don’t get anywhere. I’m buoyed to the surface.

  5. Ian Williams says:

    The deep ocean currents take about 1000yrs to circumnavigate the globe. This conveyor belt of deep waters is the drive belt of the world’s weather – the surface is where the interface between the deep and the Sun affected atmosphere interact to produce weather – provided the HAARP players are not pulling the strings, then anything is possible.

    Most people scoot about on the top of the water, the Mariah wind providing the impetus and the tongue (the rudder) the direction. But God invites us to drown in his depths metaphorically speaking – there is water to play on, water to sail on, water to wade in and water to swim in and water to be fully immersed in.

    I was at a meeting one night – talking with a sister about the depths of God – when I beheld in the Spirit a clear, limpid pool which seemed like a pool of life itself – the water seemed alive with Life and I felt myself start to fall in to it and as I began to drown in it, my fear of water reached to the surface and made me draw back. I was chagrined – taken aback at how my own fear kept me from becoming fully immersed when I heard, “Don’t worry about it, the time will come when you will not fear drowning in My presence”.

    There is a counterfeit of this too (aka “The Secret”), as there is for everything of God’s dealings with Man, so be watchful. God invites some to the very depths, where in the relative stillness and the inexorable moving of God’s intention, we become one with that. The weather which forms the waves up top comes from the very depths of the deepest ocean currents. While they may appear still, they are always effectual in their moving.

    Could this also be something to do with the deep giving up her dead?

    One might ask how we can explore the depths of God while seated at the Right of Majesty on high, but remember that the ocean is a metaphor for drowning in His presence, and of His deep moving.

    If I may recount a testimony – not sure if I have posted it here but here goes. In 2001, I was in a mid week meeting – the folk were taking about going up to see Creflo Dollar. I was in the midst of a personal revival and asked Jesus in my heart if I ought to go too. Immediately I began to have a vision – I was in an open fronted freight elevator, in the bottom left hand corner of a huge square building – next to me was the man who convened the meeting and who was off to see Creflo.

    In front of us were many, many people – I knew they were Catholics. The elevator began to ascend, and at each level there was another evolutionary development of the Church. When we got to the tenth level, there was Creflo and his Church, and I heard “This is where He has established himself, this is where he has spread out, however this is not for you” and at that, the elevator took off like a rocket and stopped at the Kingdom and I heard, “This is the kingdom, this is where I want to take you.”

    Before me was a vast prairie of wheat as far as the eye could see, waving gently in the breeze (to make Living Bread for all). Some time later Jesus told me, “It is not your job to get people to heaven, that is My job, yours is to get heaven to people.” The kingdom of God is a state of being, which is also incredibly and abundantly rich in treasure – the treasure of heaven, the Pearl of Great price – the Mind of Christ – the kingdom consciousness of peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit. Drowning in Him is a metaphor, but do not fall into the trap of making mechanisms out of metaphors or systems out of similes. We are seated from the Right of Majesty on high in Christ, we died in Christ on Calvary and were resurrected to newness of life in Him – everyone was really – but not all have this knowledge.

    Paul told us not to be partakers of the fruitless works of darkness – which to me is the observation of the Law – note how it seems that both legalistic (and also libertine) Christians are often the worst when it comes to degeneracy and or indulgence.

    You can make a condition or a premise out of anything, and so take a beautiful thought and turn it into a doctrine of devils by mingling it with conditions – “I will be more acceptable or pleasing to God is I can just get to be one with Him” – no dear child, rather that you may be made complete in Christ, which truth be known, you already are, you just don’t know it yet, for your completeness is in Christ and not in your works or efforts to please God, or yourself.

  6. WatchmanX says:

    TY, Ian. Amen.

    • Ian Williams says:

      I do go on a bit, but like you, I am excited to see that others are being drawn to be married to Christ, and not just betrothed. I used to say we are the Body of Christ, but now understand that the Body of Christ is us. New Jerusalem, the Temple of God, comes down out of heaven adorned as a Bride. Know ye not that the the Temple of God is your body? We tend to read back to front in the West. LOL.

      • Preacher's Daughter says:

        Ian, thank you so much for sharing as the Holy Spirit leads you. As you’ve read a bit about my history in other posts I will share a bit more in how what you wrote is so relevant to me. In 2004 as my unveiling began I was extremely distraught. As I’ve mentioned the childhood abuse before by my father the preacher…. In that year I was delivered totally from his land. He totally disowned me and deemed me not good enough to be his daughter. Being a preacher’s daughter was a huge part of my identity and to think myself unworthy of how I used to identify myself was devastating! Well , one night I had a vision that I was the bride of Christ and God was the Ultimate preacher and I am HIS daughter and the BRIDE of Christ so it gave the term Preacher’s Daughter a life of its own and I felt such a love like never before knowing the spirit in me revealed itself in a way I could comprehend. So, as every good PK does LOL I got it tattooed on my back. Preacher’s Daughter… Now with the real identity.
        Love your posts!
        Preacher’s Daughter

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