God was God and Truth was Truth before there was a Bible


There are at least 14 Factors that influence what one comes up with in the Bible:

1. Your views regarding the inspiration of Scripture.
2. Whether you would favor a literal or figurative interpretation of a given passage.
3. Your knowledge and awareness of other “related” Scriptures dealing with the same issue, including the immediate context and the broader context of the entire body of Scripture.
4. Your knowledge and understanding of the background and
motivation of the writer.
5. The way in which a given interpretation fits into your over-all
theological belief system.

6. Your level of understanding of the original language in which the
text was written.
7. The various interpretations and commentaries to which you have already been exposed.
8. The ways in which you process information. Some people tend to emphasize reason and logic, while others depend more on personal experiences and intuition.
9. The degree to which you are willing to accept logical inconsistencies as part of your belief system.
10. Your willingness to change your views in the light of new
11. The degree to which you are satisfied with your current views.
12. The amount of time you are willing to devote to your theological study and inquiry.
13. The unwillingness to consider alternative interpretations that diverge from your religious tradition.
14. Your pre-existing views, which has been conditioned by many different life experiences, circumstances and relationships.

Based on the above variables, does it surprise anyone that there are many different ways the Bible is interpreted? This is especially problematic because many people view the Bible as something to be “right about.”

The only absolute truth is God or truth itself, and our best interpretations of the Bible are only an approximation of it. God was God and Truth was Truth before there was a Bible and will continue to be after the Bible is no more. The Bible is not a theological landing strip for a particular belief system about God, but a spiritual launching pad setting us free to explore and enjoy ever-deepening and ever-widening dimensions of life, love, peace, goodness, beauty, and freedom.

Once I realized that the point of the Bible was not to create a belief system ABOUT God the Bible became an invaluable resource for my journey WITH God.

Latest Comments

  1. Kathleen says:

    yes. just, yes. thank you, Jim.

  2. WatchmanX says:

    This is such an encouragement to me. Thank you!

  3. Preacher's Daughter says:

    Love it!!!!!! I’m so free now that I know this. Thanks for posting!

  4. Ian Williams says:

    Hey Jim, I rally only have one principle operating now re the Bible. I ask God questions about Life and everything, and just wait on the answers. He may lead me to a scripture, to a writer, to even people outside of Christendom from other faiths, whatever it takes. I have gotten so used to having daily bread provided that I don’t even look for it – it is there – fresh every day. Why? Basically I am lazy, yet diligent. When it dawned on me that I knew 5/8’s of nothing, I just gave up trying to work it out and invited the Holy Spirit become my teacher and gave Jesus carte blanche to cast out all which prevents (offends) and to obviate every wrong doctrine I had gobbled up along the way while a child in church. I used to do all those 14 steps and I am sure that subconsciously I still do in some ways. But even the harmony of the scriptures – sure I have read them all but it is much more that the WORD is in ME, not in a book.

    As to understanding ancient languages, I was sitting on the floor in a house setting in 2001, idly looking at my Bible as the preacher was waffling on when I perchanced (?) to gaze upon the line in Mark where Jesus said “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” which is translated, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

    Immediately the scripture came alive and I just knew what it meant. Later I checked my Strong’s and got confirmation, then rattled off a letter to Vic Alexander whose acquaintance I had recently mad via the Internet. I asked him if I had heard from God or if it was just the Pizza or a brain fart. He wrote back taking me to task for testing him, and that i was obviously an Aramaic scholar of some standing and he did not need such testing him.

    I explained who i was and how it came about and he said that I was either a doctorate level Aramaic scholar or i had indeed heard from the holy Spirit. Often when I get a ? over a scripture Teacher simply gives me an alternative word to expand the meaning and invariably and they seem to be right, such that Vic now finds me hard to keep up with at times as the revs i am getting challenge so many traditions and towers destroy golden calves. Some of the stuff I get is so out there I have yet to find anyone else who is charting this sea I sail. Like the Seven Spirits of God, what born again really means, what the blasphemy of the Spirit really is, how Gehenna ‘works’, what the sin unto death is, where we come from and how we got here, and so much more.

    I will send something later on “Eloi” but to prime the pump consider this – Jesus perfectly pleased the Father – He always did what the Father first (originally, from the beginning and ongoingly) showed Him. He never made a statement of doubt or fear – NEVER. His Word was utterly TRUE – He was and is the Word. The statement He made from the Tree was a statement of Faith. I will explain it later – but it is a doozy.

    This gem from this morning (well, I am a Jeweller):

    You were at the beginning DEEMED in God – you were created in Christ as works of grace that you should walk thereby – but in order to become what you were originally made to be, you have to be RE-DEEMED, cleansed by the Word spoken over you by Jesus.

    John spoke of a New Commandment, yet not ‘new’ but old, or as at or from the beginning.

    • Preacher's Daughter says:

      Love it!

    • Helen Ann says:

      WOW! Awesome…Thank you for sharing this…I have come to find this ‘strategy’ to be the way I go as well.

    • lightbygrace71 says:

      Ian –

      Thank you for sharing this. It is so good to know I am in good company. This is a strategy that I often use as well…My view of Scripture has been so toxic that I have had a hard time getting back into it even with a refreshed way of looking at it. I’m searching for more healthy and open Scripture studies that aren’t so focused on ‘holiness’ and ‘ways to apply this to life’…How about a study of the text in its context and authenticity and let it speak to me instead of me reading into it – does that makes sense?

  5. norm says:

    They should of said : The only absolute truth is God or truth itself, so stop relying on your own self to interpret the scriptures and instead purify your hearts and minds so as to become very close with the father in righteousness, them he himself will reveal truth and scriptured to you.

  6. Danita Fenn says:

    Signing up for your blog posts

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