Jesus turned everything upside down.


Jesus turned everything upside down. He desacralized everything – times, places, rituals, altars, hierarchies, traditions. In there place, he ascribed dignity and authority to the human being – ordinary men and women who bear God’s image. He put everything back under the feet of the human ones. Religion – Law, Scripture, everything – must serve them rather than be served by them.

Jesus did not assume a religious persona. He did not advocate religious fasting or support the temple sacrifices. He did not baptize. He did not preach from the Hebrew Bible, although he used it creatively to serve his purposes. He was dismissive of long or repetitious prayers. He set aside the purity code in regard to food, the washing of hands, interaction with women and the touching of lepers. He declared his authority over the Sabbath, and by implication, the whole of the Torah or sacred Scriptures.

Jesus honored the spirit of God wherever it was manifested, but he did not align himself with the religious mentality that sought to legislate the divine or God. And all this he did in solidarity with humankind because he was the son of Adam

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  1. WatchmanX says:

    Very well stated, friend.

  2. Sandra Weinrauch says:


  3. Richard Couch says:


  4. thoughtsalone says:

    Another excellent post.

  5. cyd22 says:

    Jesus didn’t baptize? I’m confused…

    • Ian Williams says:

      He did not baptize – John the Immerser did with WATER, and the Holy Spirit does with FIRE.

  6. Ian Williams says:

    A few queries Jim. Where does it say Jesus was the Son of Adam? Son of Man, Son of God yes. To be the son of Adam surely he would have been born of the seed of Joseph? But redemption came by the Seed of the woman, we are told. The first Adam was formed by God, and then divided into male and female – the warning not to eat was made to the first Adam while still one person, prior to God taking the woman out of the man to form his companion. So God was Adam’s Former and Father, prior to the fall, just as He was the Father of Jesus.

    But Adam bowed to another father, who became the father of the flesh, Leviathan, the king of the proud, the serpent of old. Later Jesus would say, “You are a brood of serpents and of YOUR father” and yet would seemingly contradict this by advising His disciples and others to do as the Pharisees said, but not as they do. Understanding this apparent paradox is critical to comprehending God’s manifestation and the manifestation of the devil, being in the flesh. Many of the Pharisees became followers of Jesus, and some were disciples; so again to understand the difference between being a follower and a disciple is critical to true discipleship

    Interesting too that the seed of man looks like a serpent entering the sphere of the egg.

    His genealogy is recorded as being from the first Adam (before the fall) to the last Adam – however I am inclined to see this as Jesus being a clean start, a reset, another Adam who would not make the same mistake – a “body” not made with human hands, forever in the heavens – born of woman but formed of God, unlike us who are formed by our parents and filled by God. So the two Adams were in fact unique, one to become the progenitor of degeneration through the adoption of Satan, and one to become the Genesis of our regeneration.

    Jesus paid temple and secular taxes, and fulfilled every righteous requirement of the Law by being Love manifest in the flesh, not as the flesh but in the flesh – sanctified flesh. He was tempted in all pints like as we but without sin – He did not fall for it but rather fulfilled all righteousness.

    Satan had no thing in Him, no foothold, no entry point, no genesis or any part of Him. The way that you have written seems to imply subtly that Jesus was born of Man, rather than BY woman, which is a common heresy that denies the divine creation of Jesus, the Word made flesh, yet without sin. When He became separated from God and from His own community, then He became sin, or separation, for us, so that we may be made righteousness in Him. At least that is how at this juncture I comprehend it to be.

    I am certain that everything Jesus rejected about the Pharisees and the Herodians (Politicians) was derived from Babylon, Egypt and Sodom. It was the traditions of men, and myths of the Jews, and the abominable practice of money changing – today He would be chasing them out of Chase Corp and J P Moregain. LOL.

  7. Ian Williams says:

    In other words, Jesus might have been utterly adamant, but he was not a bastard like Man had become, and it was He who arranged for the adoption of Man as sons of God and out of THEIR bondage to sin.

  8. Ian Williams says:

    Oh, and you are kind of right, he didn’t preach from the Jewish Hebrew Bible, which was largely the Babylonian Talmud – but He did use the resource of the Aramaic Scriptures and at the age of twelve was so well versed in them that He confounded the Doctors of the Law with His command of the scriptures, as He was literally the scriptures made flesh – being the “result” of the process by which God seeded the bit-picture, the image, the hope of the coming King into the chosen vessel, Israel. He was the Word made flesh, but also the scriptures were the words of God inscribed on LAMB skin scrolls. (God is soooo cool!)

    The Doctors of the Law doctored the Law (of Love) to suit their own sin sickness, so to accommodate their greed and carnality under a cowl of covetousness and conditionality, and to put the people under the Law of sin and death. The Law was GOOD, but it was leavened in to something evil called WORKS RIGHTEOUSNESS, or trying to please God. Paul said to have no part of the unfruitful WORKS of darkness, but rather to expose them as the burdening works of the Law of the Pharisees. But Pharisees generally do not like to bring THEIR works into the LIGHT to see if by God they are wrought. Jesus said “I do nothing except that I see my Father do it first, and that the works were done by the Father…within.

    Sometimes we like to think we have left Babylon, when in reality all we have done is change to another suburb or perhaps even a hew development! Myself, I do not pretend to have apprehended, but I more and more comprehend it, even as i discard all my own understanding and are fixed upon that One Foundation of Faith upon which every man builds; some in vain, some in hope, for there is only one foundation, and that is the perfect Christ Spirit which is in you from the beginning and which is our saving grace. That is what we all build our lives upon.

    There is a revelation of Love and of salvation and mercy which will be loosed upon the whole world soon – it will turn the Church upside down – and either you will become married to Christ, having been betrothed up until now, or reject Jesus, failing to recognize Him when He comes to His own, as they do not know Him, just as the Jews did not know Him to be their God and King.

    They do not know Him as He really is but merely think that they do, and they have an eye-con,or I-con of Jesus which suits their religious sense, as I once did too. Cringe. SO the “Jesus” they will receive is the god of their own lusts, as they are as gods, knowing or judging both the good AND the evil.

    It is said that by stimulating the pre-frontal cortex that religious “experiences” may be “generated” – resulting in what I call the giggly amygdala sindrome – one of the reasons why so much sex sin goes on in Churches and among Christians. Sanctified sex between a couple committed to Christ is the epitome of sexual experience, it is transcendent as an expression of Love between two people under God, and should not be confused with getting your rocks off, which while it may seem somewhat the same to the simple, it is as different as night and day, But God does not upset if you have sex instead of making Love, or even if you masturbate, however we are diminished thereby and sooner or later we all need to grow up and become mature (perfected) in Love. 0(:->) Shalom.

  9. Ian Williams says:

    And finally, for those who like some scripture on the matter, Peter puts it plainly:

    3. Blessed is the God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ, He Who out of His Providential generosity gave us (a) new birth from the beginning, through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, so as we may have the hope of everlasting life,
    4. And the Inheritance that is immutable, undefileable and unspoileable, that which is consecrated for you in heaven.
    5. While you are guarded by the power of God and through the Faith of life everlasting that you are blessed with revealing in the final ages (seasons).
    6. Through which you may be overjoyed forever (to the end of the Universe), even though in this short season you may be oppressed by changing circumstances that will impinge themselves upon you.
    7. So much so, that the communion of your faith is revealed, that which is of greater value than the purified gold forged in the fire for benediction and glorification and honor, through the revelation of Jesus Christ,
    8. He Whom you did not see and yet loved, and by whose faith you sermonize, with joy, a glorification that cannot be described,
    9. As you receive the recompense of your faith, which is the Salvation* of your souls.
    Ar. idiomatic expression: “The lives of your breath,” or everlasting lives.
    10. That Salvation upon whose heels the prophets followed, as they prophesied regarding the blessing that was destined to be vouchsafed you.
    11. And they had a premonition about the season in which the Spirit of Christ that abided in them would appear and be attested, as His passion (sorrows) and glorification afterwards were predestined.
    12. And all their premonitions were revealed to them, because even though it was within themselves that they wanted to understand, it was for us that they prophesied; this is what is being revealed to you now by those who preach this Hope to you through the holy Spirit that was sent from heaven; imagine, even the heralding angels yearned to know when these prophesies would be fulfilled.

    13. Because of that set your conscience straight, and be mature in your awareness, and preach about the joy that came upon you by the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ,
    14. Like obedient children, and do not be part of the old yearnings. Those things that you yearned for without knowing.
    15. Except be holy in all your affairs (walks), as holy is He that Called you.
    16. For it is written [in Scriptures,]

    “May you be holy, whereas I am also holy.”

    To be holy means to be separated TO God, cut free from the fetters of the flesh, and circumcised in heart by he weapon of His Power, which is the immutable Word of God, being the Sword of the Spirit.

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