Look, let God be God.


God is inconceivable and incomprehensible. The idea that the doctrine of the Trinity explains God is absurd. God is one reality but we see God through different perspectives. Seeing God through the perspective of being the father, or through the perspective of being the son, or through the perspective of being spirit is not seeing three different Gods, it is seeing God in three different ways, and those aren’t even the only three ways to see God.

God is inconceivable and incomprehensible. But our mind is not going to leave well enough alone. It will not accept this and therefore it will seek to distill God down into one form or another, creating a box for God. The doctrine of the Trinity is one way we have tried to indicate God by distilling the inconceivable into the conceivable. This isn’t necessarily bad or wrong, and can be meaningful and useful as long as we know that God is not limited by any notion we may have of God.

I have found that many people are drawn to the notion of a personal God with whom they have personal relationship. You might say that this is seeing God through the perspective of being the father. But does this mean that we must distill God from the inconceivable to the conceivable by anthropomorphizing God or turning God into a person? Do we have to limit God by putting God in the person box?

Consider that one of the reasons why people find meaning in seeing God through the perspective of a loving father is because of the attributes associated with this such as love, caring, understanding, personal closeness, gentleness, protection, wisdom, acceptance, etc. These attributes are part of the underlying, unchanging, fundamental essence of God, regardless of whatever perspective of God we might be particularly attached to. I think God allows for all kinds of different perspectives for our benefit. God allows many different ways of accessing what it inconceivable for our benefit. And yet, we cannot put God in any box, even the father/person box.

We typically want God to be who we want God to be. We can’t force God into our lives, even as a person. God cannot be contained within that or any box. On the other hand, God is wanting to transform our lives with the reality and Truth of who God is, which is unfathomably more than our highest and best constructed notion of God. In order to grow, we have to let God be God. And even though there is nothing wrong with the perspectives of God that we find most meaningful, we cannot hold them too tightly or force God into our concept.

God is inconceivable and incomprehensible. But our mind will have none of this. Instead we insist on distilling God down to the conceivable. We create boxes for God – blue boxes, red boxes, yellow boxes, square boxes, rectangular boxes, long boxes, and then we argue over who has the best box. It can get juvenile – “My box is better than your box; nanny nanny boo boo!” In can also get deadly, as in the Crusades.

Look, let God be God. Quit prescribing God to everyone else. It’s okay to approach and connect with God in ways that are meaningful to you, but don’t put God in a box.

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  1. thoughtsalone says:

    When a man washed overboard is clinging to a life raft, he needs the buoyancy of the whole raft to stay afloat. But he can only hold onto one part of it at a time. Patience with our fellow man.

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