5 ways the pop-Christian “Gospel” damages children


5 ways the pop-Christian “Gospel” damages children:

(1) Telling children that they are born into this world intrinsically bad, absent of inherent worth, and repulsive to God.

(2) Telling children that their sinfulness is so bad that it left God no choice but to brutalize, torture and kill his son.

(3) Telling children that there is nothing good inside of them and that they should not trust their thoughts and feelings.

(4) Using fear or shame as a means of binding children to certain beliefs or practices related to God.

(5) Teaching children that the rejection, hatred or diminishment of other human beings is an expression of devotion to God.

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  1. Ian Williams says:

    Wow Jim, yes you have nailed it – and its called trauma based mind control! Or as the Jesuits said, “Give me the child until 7 and I will give you the man.” It is grooming and it is abuse – spiritual abuse. Jude wrote on this wise – expansion in parenthesis.

    3. My beloved, I am doing my utmost to write to you regarding our inner Life, it is important to write to you as I commend you in the struggle on behalf of our Faith, which was in its season delivered to the saints.
    4. For there entered men into the fold — from the beginning this encroachment was written about in Scriptures — depraved men, who turned the grace of God into evil, so as to blaspheme (oppose, prevent, deny) the One who is alone the Lord God: our Lord Jesus Christ.

    12. These are the ones who rage and rave during their feasts,
    … who submit their souls to no one,
    They are like the rainless clouds blown by the spirits,
    … like trees that blossom but bear no fruit,
    …… that die twice and are pulled by their roots.
    13. Like the turbulent waves of the sea,
    … that reveal their shame as they foam,
    They are the misleading stars, (Misleading Messengers)
    … those that are kept under guard
    …… in the darkness of the netherworld. (Bound in the darkness of death and sin)

    14. However, there prophesied also against them Enoch, who was of the seventh generation from Adam, as he said,

    “Behold, there will come the Lord
    … with the multitude of saints.
    15. “To judge everyone and rebuke all the depraved
    … for every outrageous act that they performed,
    And for all the foul words that they spoke, (In contradiction to Christ)
    … depraved sinners that they are!

    16. These are those who complain and spite whoever they please, and go around according to their own pleasures, and utter scandalous words with their mouths, and glorify certain personalities for the sake of financial reward.
    17. You, however, my beloved, remember the words that were spoken by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ,
    18. Who told you that in the last season there will be those who will laugh and follow their pleasures of depravity.
    19. Those who choose the selfish behavior, the Spirit is not in them.
    20. You, however, my beloved, through your holy faith become children of the holy Spirit anew, as you pray on your knees.
    21. Let us guard our souls by the love of God, then, as we await the marriage feast of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live with Him eternally.
    22. And pluck certain [souls] out of the fire,
    23. As they would surely die; have mercy on them, then, through submission, as you abhor even the tunic that is besmirched by the flesh.

    24. To Him, then, who is able to guard you from depravity and molestation and resurrect you without malediction,

    Guard you from MOLESTATION!!! And I think the Pope, I mean Captain Kirke, is the Head Molester, or Mole-Star – messenger of darkness – bound in the netherworld or underworld of darkness – and if the light which is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness? By the way, Omega in Greek means GREAT, while the last letter of the Aramaic means MARK. Do you want to be GREAT, or to comprehend and thus apprehend the Mark of your high calling in Christ? Either way Jesus is the OX who will get you where you want to go, and He is no respecter of persons!

  2. Ian Williams says:

    In verse 16, the scandalous words they utter are those which contradict Christ, which stumble those wanting to enter in – woe to those who cause even the least to stumble.

    • Preacher's Daughter says:

      In a more simplistic way without ever really studying the subject it never made since to me how I was told we were born into sin yet Jesus said come to me as a child and after I had children it was so clear how good and innocent they were and what I was taught was not truth or anything I wanted to do with so I totally threw that terrible abusive teaching out the window! Now I know it was the Power of the spirit teaching me. And later Came my rebirth into the Kingdom right here and now!
      Keep posting Ian I have a huge topic I would love to discuss with you at a later time about when Jesus rose from the dead and how I believe they saw him in the Kingdom on Earth not just a living man walking around on earth. Yes it is fantastic that a man could come back from the dead and be seen on earth but isn’t much more POWERFUL that he allowed man to see him in the Kingdom showing them they had access!?? Am I way off base?

      • Dustin W. says:

        Jesus said come to him as a child because children have a natural innocence in the way they accept the seemingly unacceptable. Man grows up and justifies himself, seeing his own sinful ways as good and rationalizing away why he sins or how he cannot overcome this sin. However, this innocence in the nature of a child does not change the sinful nature of that child. Just look at how the youngest of children know how to rebel. Which of us has ever taught children to say no? To refuse to do what they are told because they don’t “want” to?? To fight? To talk back? These traits are not taught or else they would be relatively non-existent in society. That attitude of selfishness and self-seeking / instant gratification and pleasure is not taught, it comes naturally. It is the basic evidence of our sinful nature. It is important however to not confuse natural sin with worthlessness. While sin is absolutely valueless in God’s sight, the sinner (a human made in the image and likeness of God) retains their inherent worth and value despite the sin issue.

      • Ian Williams says:

        Once and for all – the complete work of God in which is in Christ.

        24. For neither did the Messiah enter into a holy place that was built by hands, that is in the likeness of the true one, except He entered heaven itself so as to be seen in the visage of God, for our sake.
        25. Nor did He offer Himself many seasons as did the leading king priests, entering every year into the holy place with the blood that was not their own.
        26. And if otherwise, He would have had to suffer the Passion many seasons since the beginning of the universe. Now, however, He offered Himself only one time (one season) at the end of the universe in the Sacrifice that annihilates sin. (The judgment of sin – sin is separation from God)
        27. And whereas He consecrated for human beings to die one season, and after their death, one judgment,

        Now, all died in Christ at Calvary, which was the physical manifestation of a spiritual truth and principle established before time, before the foundation of the world, when God had a Lamb slain, as it were.

        All were raised in Him to newness of Life – again, the manifestation of the Spiritual principle established before time.

        You are not some incidental zygote that God will or will not save at his whim or will – you were created in Christ from before the foundations of the worlds, that is, the real you, not your flesh.

        10. For if while we were enemies, God remained at peace with us through the death of his Son, how much more harmonious [in granting us sanctification through his [Son’s] Life.

        18. In similar manner thus, because of the foolishness of one person, all humanity was under obligation, likewise because of the righteousness of one person, there will be victory with respect to eternal life for all humanity.

        5. For if we are destined to identify with him through his death, we will thus also be with him in his resurrection.
        6. For we recognize that our old human self was crucified with him, so that sinful flesh may be nullified, so that it would not be a servant to sin.
        7. For those who die thus, (in accordance with comprehending that our old human self died with Him) he sets them free of sin.

        This is when the ONE DEATH AND ONE JUDGMENT happened, as it were. At Calvary, but also before time, otherwise Jesus would have had to be offered up every season (year) from the beginning of the Universe! Yowee YHWH!

        Jesus shall make all to stand before His judgment podium or seat. HE WILL MAKE THEM STAND! Get it? He is our UPRIGHTNESS!

        We are not to know anyone after the flesh; never-the-less we are not to be fooled by it, to accommodate our flesh or that of any other.

        We are works of Grace, before ordained, that we should walk thereby. whereas the Western Bible says that we are were created unto good works before ordained…see the difference – one is works of grace, the other is the heresy of grace by works.

        We were DEEMED before TIME; this is the TIME of our RE-DEEMING! Hallelujah.

      • Ian Williams says:

        Thinking on it – I will get back to you…the kingdom is a STATE OF BEING – being Peace Joy and Righteousness in the Holy Spirit. It is so far above Babylon and Kirke. It is our mandate to usher it into the earth by faith, to draw down from its deposit as it were, the treasures of heaven. I feel that you are right, the words will come if you are. The entry point of the kingdom is the inner chamber, even The Door. You can “Step inside Love, and stay!” Where Jesus will introduce you to His Father and you will do the works thereof, when and as he can trust you not to become puffed up and proud and vain glorious. He is the DOOR!

        Jesus said, in the Aramaic rendering:

        1. “Do not lose heart, believe in God, and in me believe.
        2. “My Father’s abodes are great [enough.] And if not, I will make them
        so, whence I go to provide you a country.
        3. “And if I go to provide you a country, I will come back again to settle
        you with me, that where I come, [then*] you too can be.

        This country is His Kingdom where we may be WHERE HE IS AT, seated from the Right Hand of Majesty on High, under His authority as KING of the kingdom of God..

        If you can receive it, God is multidimensional Being who can be in all places at once. You are made in His image and likeness. If we have seen the Son, we has seen the Father, for His intention and consummation is bound in the Son.

        But there is another father, the father of the flesh, and when we look at others in the flesh, then we may see this identity, but we are enjoined to not see according to flesh but according to Spirit, to look past the crust to see the Christ within.

  3. Gardner Hall says:

    You’re right on about 1 and 3 since those are Calvinist concepts and not biblical. You’re right about number 2, since little children are not evil. We begin practicing evil “from our youth.” However, there is evil in the world, and it did take the sacrifice of God’s son to deal with that. You’re right about number 5, because children should be taught not to reject anyone. That doesn’t mean that we should condone evil, but they should be taught to never reject anyone because they have been caught up in evil. You’re semi-right about number 4. Shame should not be a primary motivation to do what is right, but rather love. However, shame should be associated with evil practices and rebellion. We don’t want a shameless society do we?

    • Preacher's Daughter says:

      First one needs to know the real definition of shame vs. guilt. In a religious home it can be confused easily. Shame can be very harmful and damaging in it is guilt that should be applied. I had so much shame growing up when cult should have been applicable so forgiving yourself is possible.

      • Preacher's Daughter says:

        *when not in & *guilt rather than cult. Sorry the autocorrect is in full force today 🙂

  4. Dustin W. says:

    Counter Arguments: 5 ways the pop-Christian “Gospel” damages children:
    Herein, I seek to point out how these statements are not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Regardless of how many churches, or how many people may have enacted them in the name of “God” or “Righteousness:. It is important to understand what the gospel is. Believe it, or don’t, but don’t leave this article with a blatant misconception of the gospel that is informed more by sinful human action rather than the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as evidenced in the Bible. ***

    (1) Telling children that they are born into this world intrinsically bad, absent of inherent worth, and repulsive to God.
    ** Human beings, including children, are not intrinsically bad. We are naturally bad. That is to say, we have the utmost worth and value because we are made in the image and likeness of God. We are; however, fallen. As a result of our fallen nature, we choose to sin. This is evident in the inherent selfishness that is present inside all of us. Our natural inclination is to choose ourselves and seek out what we see as being for our good. However, God has a greater perspective in His omniscience and He sees the damage that our sin does to us. Essentially, we are too quick to label certain actions or behaviors that are bad as sin, overlooking other things. Sin; however, is anything that rebels against God and is contrary to His perfect nature. As such, sinfulness cannot enter into the presence of a Holy God. God is not holy because what he does is holy. God IS holiness and He is the standard to which all mankind must be compared. Rather, it is the liberals who teach children that their life is intrinsically worthless. Look at abortion. Regardless of what you believe, the message in pro-choice is clear. Unless you are viable enough to contribute to society, your life is meaningless and can be opted for termination. ***

    (2) Telling children that their sinfulness is so bad that it left God no choice but to brutalize, torture and kill his son.

    ** The inherent flaw in this statement is that God had every choice he needed. He commands man to not sin. We sin anyway. Left to our own sin, God is entirely justified to condemn every one of us to His judgment. Jesus Christ was entirely God. He could have called a host of angels to his aid to pull himself from the cross if he wanted to. No, because God loved us so very much, he took on the likeness of man, lived a perfect life as an example to all of us, and willingly subjected himself to the cruel torture of man. God did not mechanically force the Romans to beat, torture, humiliate, or degrade Jesus in that manner. They did so willingly, and I imagine they reveled in it. In stark contrast of this, the love of God is evidenced in the fact that before he died, he cried out to God the father, begging for mercy and forgiveness for the people who fulfilled his destiny. That’s right, destiny. The very purpose for Christ to come to Earth was so that, when the ordained time would come, he would be lead to his execution. He knew that it was only through his death and resurrection that mankind would have a hope to be redeemed to God’s glory. ****

    (3) Telling children that there is nothing good inside of them and that they should not trust their thoughts and feelings.

    *** Again, it is non-Christians that teach children that there is no good inside of them. This comes in the form of naturalism. For, if everything on Earth is only what exists naturally, and there is no supernatural, then there can be no concrete definition of good. Nobody can look at anything and say, this is good. However, in the beginning, God looked upon his creation and said that it was good. He looked upon mankind and said this is very good. Although we are sinners, and in our sin we have fallen from righteousness, we are not tainted beyond redemption. If that were true, there would be no hope and no good news to preach about. However, we are made in the likeness of God, and that likeness is present even in our fallen state. Rational thought, wisdom, intellect, love… these are good things and they are good things that are present within us even while we are yet sinners. After all, people who come to an understanding of who Jesus was and why he died for us do not cease to be sinners. I am yet the king of all sinners, just as the apostle Paul himself said. However, because I have received the love that God offers to all of us, I am no longer condemned for my sin, but rather am given hope that God will perform a miraculous work in my life to make me more and more like him. True perfection and holiness can only exist in heaven, because sin is absent within. However, every good and perfect thing on this Earth is from God. He gives it to us, and helps us to live with it to make life on Earth bearable. No, when it speaks of the wisdom of man as a bad thing, the Bible is not referring to man’s ability to be wise. Rather, it is condemning man’s ideas of wisdom that teach people to be self-reliant and depend only on their own knowledge and understanding to get them through life. In reality, we need God and He makes himself readily available to those who seek him out earnestly. ***

    (4) Using fear or shame as a means of binding children to certain beliefs or practices related to God.

    *** This is the only statement that is remotely based on a grain of truth, and it has nothing to do with the gospel message. We should fear God and we should take shame in sin and depravity. Does this mean that Christians are bound to live a certain way or practice certain things because of fear and shame? Yes and No. We should only believe in what is true and we should only practice what is right. So, when God says to not become drunk and give into debauchery and fornication, it means that it is not sinful to drink, but it is sinful; to drink until you lose control of your body and are greatly more inclined to act on your sinful desires. When God says that the only holy and acceptable form of sex is between a man and his wife, it means that any sex outside of a God-honoring marriage (Whether homosexual, heterosexual, incest, adultery, or anything else) is sin. That is the bottom line. It is not a nice idea to hear, but the depravity of man is the first step to the true gospel. We must understand that we are sinners and without God’s redemption we are beyond hope and face the judgment of God for our sins. *****

    (5) Teaching children that the rejection, hatred or diminishment of other human beings is an expression of devotion to God.

    *** This is absolutely false, and you have my permission to look anyone who teaches hate in the face and tell them they are not of God. It does not matter if the hate is racial, ethnic, gender-based, sexual-orientation-based, or even justified, hate toward human beings is not from God and it is not in alignment with anything taught in the Bible. God hates sin, he absolutely abhors it. However, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He did so out of his love for us. So, even though we were and still are sinners, God loves each and every one of us. Furthermore, the Bible always teaches love. Love your neighbor as yourself, love your wife as you love your own body, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that which you do to the least of people, you do unto God. So, if you hate someone because of their sin, or their attitude, or their behavior, it is tantamount to saying you hate God. No, again it is society that teaches us we must diminish, degrade, and ostracize those whom we believe are beneath us in order to live a safe, happy, successful life. It is a non-Christian and ungodly fear that tells you to not stop and talk to the beggar on the street because they might be dangerous, or to not open your home to a stranger because they might steal. While prayer and discretion are important, any way the Spirit of God leads a person to love is a good thing and properly reflects the love of God for the world to see. ****

    Finally: Here is the true gospel message as it is taught through the Bible.

    1.) God is real. He created everything. He shows us how we ought to live. Furthermore, God is perfect and holy. Because God is holy, nothing that is less than perfect is able to enter into his presence.

    2.) We are sinners. Sin separates us from God. This is not a condition that was brought upon us by simple fate or a bad deal of the cards. Sin is ingrained into human nature. If we were to take a legalistic approach to sin, we would find that every single one of us has sinned at least once in our lives. Whether great or small, that sin has brought a dark taint upon us that subjects us rightly so to the justice and punishment by a holy God. Such is the hopelessness for redemption by our own means. We are so naturally sinful that nothing we can do by ourselves will be good enough to pay for our sin. The wages of sin are death. This means that everyone who has sinned has earned death and deserves it.

    3.) Out of God’s grace, mercy, and love He has given us hope. Jesus Christ came to Earth. God in the flesh, he faced the temptations and struggles of mankind and overcame them by relying on the holiness of God. Despite living a sinless life, he was condemned to death and faced it willingly. He subjected himself to all the torture and brutality of the cross because he knew that taking our place was the only way to atone for us. In his bloodshed, we have an atonement offered as the payment due for the sin we commit. In his death and resurrection, we have a hope that overcomes the fear of death. In Him, we have no need to fear death because when we come before the judgment of God, we are now covered by the righteousness with which Christ lived his life rather than the sinfulness with which we have lived ours. In his ascension to the throne of God, we have an intercessor who comes to God on our behalf and brings the continuous grace and love to us so that we may pray in alignment with God’s will and see such prayers answered.

    4.) Redemption is a free gift. It cannot be earned and it cannot be bought. Even better news is that it requires no change in our sinfulness. We don’t have to “clean up our act” before coming to God. Rather we can turn to him in the realization of our depravity and our need for God and pray to receive his love and forgiveness and if our hearts our earnest in this prayer, it will be freely given.

    If you have read this and you acknowledge that you are a sinner separated from God, acknowledge that Christ was sent to die for you personally, and want to accept Christ, say a simple prayer. Something like this is fine.

    “Dear Lord Jesus,

    I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior. Guide my life and help me to do your will.

    In your name, amen.”

    If you prayed this, and you truly meant it, then rejoice for you now have the hope that only life in Christ can possibly offer.

    If you do not believe me and think I’m a raving lunatic, well, it’s OK. I still love you and I pray for you. May you come to understand the truth of God. Either way, it is important to understand what the true gospel is rather than what it is made out to be through the actions of sinful human beings. God bless you all.

    • Ian Williams says:

      A lot of blather that can be boiled down to a bubbling cesspit of inconsequential dung and vomit. You lost me after the first sentence, as i have read all this before. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black, when we are all made white in Christ. Don’t mean to be offensive, but I advise you to put all you know on the altar and let the bull dust burn, its not even a real Bull, maybe a Papal one…

      • Preacher's Daughter says:

        STOP Ian! Hahahahahaha! I remember the first time only a few years ago the sinners prayer I was taught my entire life isn’t even in the western translations of the bible. WOW! Total brainwash SMH

    • Preacher's Daughter says:

      It’s hard for me to acknowledge “the bible” unless I know if you’re referencing the cannon that was translated soooo many times in the wrong dialect of Aramaic ( Jesus’ wrintings) because most were destroyed during the crusades and few can even translate the original hieroglyphics from Mesopotamia. I too used to veiw the bible as the word of God until I myself as a thir generation Minister’s family put it down and asked God to reveal himself to me as if I had no access to a bible or missionary etc… And he did. Now the bible has come to life for me and I understand why Paul was inspired to understand the mysteries of the gospel. It is a surreal experience to get alone with only you and God for a long period of time. It took me over a year to pick the bible up again and it then came to life. Really pray about doing this… Especially, if you come from any sort of Christian or religious background or not. If God spoke to people in the bible why would he stop? He will reveal himself always 🙂 God Bless you as you pray about this.

  5. Ben Moushon says:

    I’ve often argued against the doctrine of “original Sin” and never really understood it. Especially when we were created in God’s image and likeness. Psalm 8:5 and Hebrews 2:7 both say we were created a little lower than the angels. Thank you for the good thoughts.

  6. Lana says:

    I don’t like total depravity for this same reason.

  7. wcardiac says:

    I find that it is much simpler to recognize that all Christianity is myth. It simply takes too many nonsensical mental gymnastics to rehab Christianity into something that’s not abusive. I much prefer to guide my life with reason informed by empathy.

  8. Mike Ritter says:

    Woah tiger. You’re calling orthodox Christian theology pop-culture. And ignoring most of scripture.

    Romans 3. Isaiah 53. John 3.

  9. loudaspossible says:

    Any parent that teaches their children what he writes about are not Christians, they are manipulating their children, and they are taking the whole Gospel out of context, but I don’t understand why anyone would teach this as the moral of the story. What is pop-Christian anyway?

  10. Dez says:

    I choose to believe we have a loving God. I CHOOSE to believe he forgives but we must first REPENT. I am not without sin nor are my children. The current bible is not everything and has been changed much. The new testament was written by Constantine and thus for is what he felt was important to future generations or his generation at the time. Western churches teach the END TIMES revelations theory and many eastern societies do not because it was written into the bible in the 1800’s. Faith in God should not be all fire and brimstone but rather LOVE and Mercy. My children are raised to believe we have a loving God and that we should always do right by our fellow man. GOD IS NOT DEAD!

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