Jesus never caused anyone to be saved.


Jesus never caused anyone to be saved. It’s not something anyone can do for anyone else. In essence Jesus said, “I have the truth – the tools to end your problem and suffering. Follow me.” And if people had a willing and earnest desire, and listened and applied what they had been given, transformation happened. Jesus came around and basically said, “If you need that bolt loosened, here’s the wrench.” You can’t throw the kitchen sink at a problem and expect it to be fixed. You have to use the right tool to fix a specific problem. The same could be said of the Buddha. He never caused anyone to be enlightened. He had a truth to share that addressed a particular problem, and if someone earnestly applied that truth or tool, their problem was solved.

People want to pit Jesus and the Buddha against each other, or insist that you must choose one or the other. Though there are many similarities between what Jesus and the Buddha taught, they were offering tools to two different problems. Jesus addressed humankind’s relationship to God, and offered truth and tools particularly related to humankind’s perception of separation from God. The Buddha addressed humankind’s relationship to reality, and offered tools to address people’s suffering, which is caused by ignorance of the way things really are.

In any event, we have a tendency to be offered a wrench to solve a problem, and we make a religion out of the wrench and worship it, and fight over who has the best wrench. In other words, we make it about the wrench rather than the problem for which the wrench was offered. Rather than worshiping the wrench, and wasting time and energy arguing over them, simply use it for the problem it was given to solve.

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  1. pekinney says:

    this is a tough teaching…. i get it but still…its tough.

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