Religion often kills off and shuts down a person’s free self-expression.


I’ve observed how religion often kills off and shuts down a person’s free self-expression. The idea seems to be that what we most deeply think, feel and want to do must be controlled and restrained or we will commit the worst of evils. What I have found instead is that people carry entire worlds of beauty, goodness, love, creativity, brilliance, magic and mystery within them, waiting to be spoken, written, painted, sung, played, inked, performed, sculpted, photographed, choreographed, engineered, programmed, planted, posted, and created. Every religion identifies a creative energy and power as a fundamental aspect of God or the divine. There is no calling more sacred than releasing and expressing those worlds that lie within us, waiting and groaning to be born.

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  1. Lana says:

    YES YES. I would say some people use religion the wrong way, though.

  2. Susan P says:

    Leaders smother it with their own agendas and are determined to keep people busy at any cost.

  3. David Lee King says:

    Not sure I agree with that! At least, I certainly have never experienced it. I must be going to the “wrong” churches 🙂

    Seriously though – it’s not “religion” that shuts down some people’s free expression. It’s poor leaders and bad theology.

    So I’d say this: some parts of religion sometimes shut down free expression.

  4. coarseheart says:

    Beautiful. I love this.
    I believe that church should involve much more expression.

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