Jesus was always picking a fight with religion.


Jesus was always picking a fight with religion.
Maybe it was because religion, which was supposed to help people know God, was often the obstacle hindering it.
Jesus spoke of being divine AND human.
Maybe it was because he wanted us to know that the two were never in opposition to each other.
Jesus handpicked the most notorious sinners of his day to become close friends with?
Maybe it was because he was confronting the erroneous notion that some people are not loved and accepted by God.
Jesus didn’t allow the adulterous woman to be stoned to death as the religious law required.
Maybe it was to obliterate the performance-based mentality of relating to God.
The religious leaders of the day hated Jesus.
Maybe it was because Jesus wouldn’t play their game.

Latest Comments

  1. Kelly Mittelmeier says:

    excellent 🙂

  2. Ron says:

    Totally agree as we are all physical, mental and Spiritual beings. Religion tries to separate the physical and mental from the Spiritual.

  3. Joseph Frederick says:

    AMEN!! Go to YouTube and listen to John Shelby Spong: The Call of Jesus…and find the true definition of Christianity…and realize how corrupted it has been for CENTURIES….

  4. Ian Williams says:

    Yeah but why did Jesus pick a fight with religion? Was it not to get nailed? He broke the laws of the Jews but not of God. He wound them up until they could no longer stand it – prophets tend to do this – and they and the High Priest sacrificed Him. If the princes of this world had known what God was up to they never would have whacked Him – but He had to die, and part of that was picking a fight He was destined to lose – zeal for His Father’s house consumed Him – but just what is His Father’s house in the wider sense?

    As for John Shelby’s Bong; no virgin birth, no resurrection, no ascension? Episcopals do unbelief with such panache! But then they would with the Queen Bee at the helm, Jezebel herself.

    Anyhow, Jesus said to Peter, so we are told, “Get out of my face adversary (ha Shatan) for you savor not of the things of God, but of the things of MAN. Hence one might conclude, if the record is true, that what savors of Man (humanism) does not savor of the Savior, and indeed is Satanic, or adversarial to God.

    And actually they were not he most notorious sinners of their day, that would have been the money =changers and Pharisees, though He did call Paul who called himself the chiefest of sinners, yes? NO! He said he was a prime example of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    It has taken a while for me to see through the subtleties of the shite on this site, but I think it is becoming clear that it is uncritical, unbalanced and even dangerous. But it has allowed me to sharpen my sword some in that we learn more from what people get wrong that what they get right, and that we should all be good Bereans and prove all things, lest we swallow the castings of others.

    You are very close on so many things Jim, or James, but the pic of the person walking on one track is illustrative of your one track mind and that you need to address both sides of the paradigm and not just walk one rail.

    There are indeed many spirits in the world, many voices, and the world hears them for they are of the world,and the closer they get to the Truth, the ‘falser’ they are and the more subtle, and in case you have forgotten folks, Satan’s MO is SUBTLETY. have you met him? I have – he is beautiful and very clever and is so close to mimicking Jesus it is not funny.

    I will offer you all a faith challenge – let us just agree that whosoever needs to hear whatsoever shall do and that by the Holy Spirit. You still believe in the Holy Spirit, yes?

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