5 ways to determine if what you’re hearing is God


5 quick and easy ways to determine if what you’re hearing really has anything to do with God:

1. If it produces fear, it doesn’t.
2. If it is self-diminishing, it doesn’t.
3. If it motivates hate, it doesn’t.
4. If it produces shame, it doesn’t.
5. If it robs you of freedom, it doesn’t.

Latest Comments

  1. katyandtheword says:

    I had a congregant recently go from feeling haunted to looking for signs of God…I think these thoughts are helpful for people who struggle with this!

  2. coarseheart says:

    This is something that could have saved me a lot of pain if I had known it 3 years ago.
    Thankfully I know this now.

  3. Ian Williams says:

    Jim – when you say self-diminishing, just what self are you referring to? To me the true self is Christ, the eternal Spirit and Genesis of God hid in our heart, the inner Man, the inner Life, the Life of the Tree or the tree of Life, the fruit of which is Life, and the counterfeit self is antichrist, the outer man, that which savors of he things of Man, the adversary, the Satan if you will, the one who stands as God int he temple of God pretending to be as Gos, the one who judges and does not remit sin, the one who binds and blinds, the one who speaks as God but is of the father of lies. This is the duality which many do not address and so they hear what they think is God but it is really their own flesh nature pretending to be God and sin taking advantage of guilt to slay the seeker.

    Then there is another voice, that of Satan himself, who I have had the dubious distinction of having been allowed to encounter on a personal level, and he is incredibly seductive but when you reject him he becomes incredibly hateful.

    To say that God does not shame us is a bit trite – it is true if we are not ashamed of or by the the gospel, which is not a message but a Man, The Man Christ Jesus, He who is the Power of God to salvation, and who is in everyone born of woman as the Breath of Life and the Word or Manifestation of Christ. As you understand your own antichrist flesh and it becomes subject to the developing fruit of the Spirit, so you increasingly live out of the Fruit of it which is the everlasting Life of God in the inner man, and the greater one within you enables you to overcome the he who is the world of your own flesh.

    Be careful my brother, I feel this feel good theology (THE-ology) owes more to Dr Phil than to God.and is intrinsically unbalanced. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the shame of the gospel is before the doorway to salvation and the revelation of the kingdom generates the hatred of the things of the flesh, and notwithstanding all that, the end game is to lose your freedom, your so called exalted free will, to the CAPTIVITY TO CHRIST, for you are either one or the other, the captive of Christ or the captive of antichrist, aka the flesh.

    I once heard an American lady I know blathering on about dying to self, and though I knew innately that she was in error, I could not articulate why, so, asking within as to the answer heard “Ask her if it is no longer she who lives but Christ which lives in her, then how can she die to her self as her real self is Christ?” Satan is subtle, never forget that, but it is all works of the flesh and “self” improvement(s) – but how can you improve upon that which is already perfect? Do you hear God as El or as YHWH? As Judge or Savior? He is both, but to His children He is Father, Shepherd, Guide, Truth and the voice of another father, or more pointedly “uncle satan the god of the flesh” they shall not heed. If you are a judge then to you he is Supreme Judge, but if you are as a little child, then to you he is the Eternal Father whose only purpose ultimately it to bring all to the knowledge of Him in Christ, to bring His many children to glory.

    To be born anew is to become as a little child, to consider all that has gone before to be as dung, all our collected wisdom is really just so much shit, it is the “gates” of the house of the dead, the collected wisdom of antichrist. Ask Jesus to prepare in you, for you, a fresh table, a beneficent banquet of true beauty, each and every day – the old leaven is driven out by the New and we eat Life from the Tree of Life.

    This is why THE-ologists tend to create a storehouse of grain to make them appear relevant, and why God has chosen the foolishness of preaching and contention to crush the harvest – to bring forth the New Wine of the Spirit.

    El literally means “The God” while YHWH means HE IS/I AM.(God). If He is “The God” to us, we use Him and He uses us. If however He is our eternal Father and Genesis we then have a relationship of confidence with Him as the Father and Creator of our LIFE and we shall ask what we will and He shall do it for us; just what he is to us is largely determined by what we are to others. All the Law of God is fulfilled in One saying, that you should love, one to another, even as He first loved us. But if we sin we have an advocate with the Father, even the righteous Jesus, BUT He wants us to become mature in Love, to learn to fly solo as it were, to be perfected in Love and so to KNOW, even as we are KNOWN.

    0(:->) And that my friends, is good preaching.

  4. Ian Williams says:

    oops, sorry about typos…I got woken at 2:30am to come against fear…we are entering another round of ructions…

  5. Ian Williams says:

    Now there is a giggle, Gos is actually a word! http://www.scrabblefinder.com/word/gos/

  6. Maureen Connolly says:

    Jim, I’m an editor with Liguori Publications. We do a free monthly newsletter called Scrupulous Anonymous. Fr. Tom Santa would like to write an article for the newsletter using the five ways. Did these originate with you? If so, is it OK if Fr. Tom uses them in his newsletter? Thanks!

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