You were born just fine the first time.


It is not necessary to be born again because you were born just fine the first time. You were born out of the image, likeness and being of God. You can’t do any better than that. John 3:3 is one of the most misunderstood and misapplied verses in the Bible. The passage has nothing to do with “Christian salvation,” and the term “born again” isn’t the correct translation. The term should have been translated “born from above.” What Jesus was saying is that the human mind and body are necessary for navigating human existence, but the Kingdom of God is accessed through the deeper Self, which is the image, likeness and being of God. Knowing the Kingdom of God stretches beyond what can be known through your human equipment, and requires the activation of your divine equipment. You were born with both the first time.

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  1. Dan Pedersen says:

    It took me a while to realize that being “born again” is not the Holy Spirit coming down from heaven to live inside of you for the first time. It’s an awakening to a spiritual reality which already exists within you, one which you were not aware of or had ignored.

  2. Ian Williams says:

    The Aramaic brings this truth out – when Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Don’t you know that you must be born from above? He was saying that is where you come from – from above – from out of God – who ordained you from before time – when He had a lambs slain from before the foundation of the worlds – not the life that is from below, from out of the dust of the earth from which is formed the physical being, but by the Breath of God Himself. Like God said of Jeremiah, I knew you from before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

    Or to put it another way, “Of course the real you must be born from above, where else could you have come from?” The born again message is all about qualifying for salvation whereas God says we are already qualified for salvation by the Lamb slain from before the worlds, and simply need to believe it for it to be so. The problem arises in so much as your flesh wants to get in on the deal and will do anything to prevent you knowing who you really are so that it can continue its whorish hegemony of confining the spirit to the role of servant to its lusts.

    But let’s not be starry eyed idealists – the only way to successfully crucify the flesh is by the fruit of the Spirit operating in our lives and by walking in the Spirit so as not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. The flesh will resort to anything to get its own way, even religion and we are not to be ignorant of the devil nor his devices. The word Satan means adversary – every adversarial system is Satanic by its very nature. Your “inner satan” of the flesh which savors of the things of Man, does what it can to keep you from knowing who you really are by keeping you out of (the revelation of) the Love which formed you.

    Corrie ten Boom who was kept prisoner in Ravensbruk Concentration Camp would not bow to the circumstances nor be made to hate, nor would she be prisoner to the hatred of others and so she triumphed by the freedom within. True freedom comes with the spiritual maturity of being perfected in love, even in the face of persecution and affliction for the Word’s sake and the vicissitudes of life on earth.

    Faith is no cake walk, but He does prepare a table for us in the midst of our enemies, even our own issues, and He strengthens us by His Might in the Inner Man – Christ in YOU, YOUR Hope of GLORY!

  3. Ian Williams says:

    13. You were called to His freedom, brethren, however, let not your freedom be for the sake of the flesh, except let your submission to each other be in love.
    14. For all the Law is fulfilled by one manifestation, that you love your kin as yourself.
    15. If, however, you grind one another down and chew each other out, see that you do not eliminate* each other.
    16. I am telling you then, walk in the Spirit and never be a slave to the pleasures of the flesh.
    17. For the flesh enjoys what lowers the spirit, and the spirit enjoys what lowers the flesh, and both of them are a hindrance to each other, so that you can never do what you wish.
    18. If then you were fetched by the Spirit, you are not under the Law.
    19. For you know the manifestation of the flesh, fornication, evil doing, dissolution,
    20. The making of idols, witchcraft, hostility, destructiveness, backbiting, resentfulness, stubbornness, divisiveness, apathy,
    21. Killing, murder, drunkenness, [outrageous] singing and the like. And those who devote themselves to such things, as I told you from the start, I tell you now as well, they shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.
    22. The fruit of the Spirit, however, are love, joy, peace, compassion, fulfillment, grace, faith,
    23. Gentleness, hope — the Law does not consecrate these.
    24. These belong to Christ, they crucified the flesh together with all its wounds and lusts.
    25. To live thus is by the Spirit and in submission to the Spirit.
    26. And [those that live so] are not lacking in bliss that they should torment one another and cut down (sift) each other.

    Note that the its is the FRUIT which belongs to Christ and it is the FRUIT which crucify the flesh! It is not by works, but by the grace-gift of My Eternal Spirit says the Lord your God!

  4. coarseheart says:

    This is realllllllly interesting to me because I’ve believed in the “born again” theology my whole life. I would like to hear more about this.

  5. Ian Williams says:

    The fundamental is that what Jesus gave as a STATEMENT OF CONDITION became twisted into a CONDITIONAL STATEMENT. Like Paul in Romans 8:1 – which is twisted into a conditional statement. It is a most egregious error and hugely commonplace. Probably the best expounding of this is in 1 John 4. The spirit of antichrist is from out of the the world (the flesh) and the world heeds or hears it. Consider this text from the Aramaic version and that every Spirit comes down from heaven out of God and that all flesh comes from out of the earth, and is earthly, sensual and devilish. It is “dirty” but what comes down out of heaven is pure and undefiled and is manifest in all flesh, even of those who are given over to the flesh, eventually and ultimately Jesus is the Savior of All. especially those who believe and are of the household of faith.

    Take you time and read with the Holy Spirit to guide you an to lead you into ALL truth.

    1. [My] beloved, do not believe all spirits, except choose between them to see if they are from God.* Because there emerged many false prophets from the world.
    2. In this way you will know the Spirits of God. Every spirit that professes that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, is from God.
    3. And every spirit that does not profess that Jesus came in the flesh is not from God, except this is of the false messiah, whom you have heard will come, and now he is in the world already.
    4. But you came from God His children, and shall conquer them, since He is Supreme* who is in you, greater than the one who is in the world.
    5. And these who are from the world, because of that they speak of the world, and people* listen to them.
    6. But we who are from God and the one who knows God hears us and the one who is not born of God does not hear us. By this then we learn about the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of oblivion.
    7. [My] beloved, love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves, is born from God and knows God.
    8. Because God is love, and whoever loves not, knows not God.
    9. By this is demonstrated* the love of God for us, that God sent His only Son to the world so that we may live in His hand.*
    10. This is how love was born,* it was not that we loved God, except it was God who loved us and sent us His Son redeemer* on behalf of our sins.*
    11. [My beloved,] if God loves us like this, (and) we too ought to love one another.
    12. God no human being has ever seen. But if we love one another, God shall strengthen Himself in us and His love shall be fulfilled through us.*
    13. And by this we know that we have been strengthened by Him and He is strengthened in us, that of His Spirit He gives us.

    >14. And we have seen and we testify that the Father sent His Son, Savior of the universe.*
    15. Whoever confesses in Jesus, that their ultimate hope is the Son of God, God shall strengthen Himself in them, and they shall be strengthened in God.
    16. And we believed and understood the love that there is with God, our Advocate*. For God is love and whoever is strengthened in Love, shall be strengthened in God.
    17. And through this is fulfilled His love in us, that we can [stand] with exposed faces on the Day of Judgment, for just as He had, so also we have come into this world.
    18. There is no submission* in love, except love [that is] wholesome*, throws out submissiveness because submission has its torment. For whoever submits out of fear, is not filled* with love.
    19. We therefore love God like this, because from the first He loved us.

    20. If these a human being says that “I love God,” but hates their brother, they are liars. For if they do not love their brother who is visible, how can they find it possible to love God who is invisible?
    21. And this commandment we received from him, that whoever loves God, loves also their brother.


    4.1* Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: “Except become spirit choosers if from God they are.”
    4.4* Lit. Ar. id.: Also, “Father” and “Creator.”
    4.5* Lit. Ar. id.: “The world.”
    4.9.1* Lit. Ar. id.: “Known.”
    4.9.2* Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression retained. “By His grace.”
    4.10.1* Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: “By this became love.”
    4.10.2* Lit. Ar. id.: “To cover.”
    4.10.3* Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: “Over the faces of our sins.”
    4.12* Lit. Ar. idiomatic expression: “Completed in us.”
    4.14* Lit. Ar. id.: “Universal,” “eternal,” “Savior of the world” or “…for all people.”
    4.16* Lit. Ar. id.: “Helper,” or “Sustainer.”
    4.18.1* Lit. Ar. id.: Or: “fear.”
    4.18.2* Lit. Ar. id.: “Complete.”
    4.18.3* Lit. Ar. id.: “Complete in.”

  6. Ian Williams says:

    Being born anew or from above is to reconnect with your eternal identity in God, Christ in you, YOUR Hope of Glory. The Tree of Life or the Life of the Tree.

    To do otherwise is to live out of your flesh, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and to be a judge instead of a witness.

    The “Breath” or pneuma or ruach which comes out of the world can sound like God, it can even sound reasonable, but it is not the voice of the eternal Spirit but of the spirit of Leviathan, and of its father, who is the father of lies. The serpent which insinuates itself into he eternally fruitless fig tree of your reason and mind.

    To be in an of the Spirit is to have the Mind of Christ – it is an identity issue of knowing who your real Father is and being reconnected to that reality which is in and by (Jesus) Christ, without whom you can do NOTHING of any eternal value.

    It is the Father within, He does the works – all your works are futile . Everything that God is, is in Christ, and Christ is in you, and has been so from before the foundations of the worlds, if you can but receive it.

    Its all about forsaking your own way and coming home to Daddy! Study the Prodigal Son.

  7. Ian Williams says:

    I knew who I was in God before my parents (flesh) tried to reproduce themselves in me, and so sin came to slay me and to make me captive to it, but then came the innate sense of God, that He was and is real, and I reconnected, but then sin was revived in me an slew me anew, and so it goes on, until we lay hold of the eternal truth of Christ in us and stop trying to live in and out of that dirt-bag tabernacle we were born into.

    Sin is separation from God, holiness is separation to God. How can you put conditions on an unconditional love? All it takes is simple, childlike obedience to love, but the heart of Man is deceitful and wicked above all things and will try to subordinate the Spirit to sin, and blind you to God, and this is where the struggle is, to become born anew, born from above, into the reality of the eternal kingdom of God (from which the real you originally came), through the narrow way of the birth canal of the Holy Spirit, which is also the Creative genesis or Womb of God – as a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST.

    To become as a little child, knowing nothing yet having ALL. To enter into Peace, Joy and Righteousness in and by the Holy Spirit as you become aligned with God, rightly reflecting His Glory as in a mirror. When you can see yourself as you really are, then you can be yourself as you really are; no longer the old flesh “you” but Christ in you, and you walk in the Spirit and in the Resurrection from the House of the Dead, and you see others as He does – you see past the Crust to the Christ within, and the further you progress in this the more obstinate the obstacle antichrist will become to you, and there is nothing to be gained by contending with it as it is carnal and bound in death and captive to Satan to fulfill the will of God, which is that all should eventually realize who they are, but how shall they know if they do not see a witness? A LIGHT to pierce their darkness?

    This is why you should come out from among them and become strong in the Lord and in the weapon of His Might, His Word, His Manifestation, His eternal essence in you, such that you put off the voice or breath of antichrist, it goes out from you as it is not really of you, and you become conformed to the eternal image of Christ and so you become your true self image, which if you can receive it, is God, and you overcome antichrist, for Greater is He in you than the he (the flesh and the devil) that is in the world. Get it? LOL.

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