We may be looking for peace in the wrong places.


We may be looking for peace in the wrong places.

There is no such thing as “peace of mind.” The mind is in a continuous state of flux. It is the nature of the mind to be restless. Our mind will never be like a still, quiet, tranquil, motionless, placid pond; it is more like the ocean, with waves of thoughts rolling in and crashing down. Don’t look for a quiet mind as a sign of enlightenment, transformation or awakening. The mind is seething with thoughts. Your mind is what it is, and that is not going to change. Neither should you think of your mind as a bother because of it. The mind plays a necessary, indispensable, and extraordinary role in our lives. It’s just that peace is not something that fundamentally happens in the mind.

Consider also, that you cannot find what you have not lost. If you are in search of peace, you are out of luck because peace isn’t somewhere out there to be found or achieved or attained. Peace is not something that goes away that you have to find.

Peace is not a condition to achieve. People speak of wanting to be “at peace,” as if it is some sort of state of being to attain. It’s as if we think of our lives as: “not at peace,” “at peace,” “not at peace,” “as peace,” etc…

Your underlying Self was born out of the unchanging image, likeness, and being of God. In other words, God is the ground of your being. There are many other words we could substitute for the reality we are pointing to when we speak of “God.” Love, wholeness, freedom, and peace are a few that come to mind. So you could say, your underlying self was born out of the image, likeness and being of love, wholeness, freedom, and peace. Love, wholeness, freedom, and peace is the ground of your being.

We can see this reality displayed in the life of Jesus, who exhibited all kinds of different states of mind – sorrow, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, weariness, grief, inner turmoil, and yet was aware of his true identity as God’s son, or you might say: Love-Wholeness-Freedom-Peace’s son.

You are a son or daughter of Love-Wholeness-Freedom-Peace. That’s not an I-need-to-find thing; that’s a this-is-who-I-am thing.

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    SO love this

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