God has no religion.


“Dear World,

I did not come to start a new religion. God has no religion. God existed long before there was religion and will exist long after it. Everything that was good and beautiful about me is present in each one of you from the start. People think God only became a human once, 2000 years ago as Jesus of Nazareth. But you are a living, breathing, human expression of God now.

The greatest need of all people has always been and continues to be to know there is nothing wrong with them, that we are loved and accepted by God without condition, and that being the unique blend of humanity and divinity that each of us are is God’s gift to you and the world.

This was the meaning of my life. This is the highest truth that defies, fulfills and transcends all religion. This is is the truth that sets you and me free. Being Jesus means being you – all that you are and were created to be.

We are all sons and daughters of God, born into one human family. There is no separation. You are not separated from God or one another. I am the truth, and that truth is God and humankind as one. There is no message more “Christian” than that.

Jesus of Nazareth”

– Jim Palmer

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