5 thoughts on “knowing and doing the will of God.”


5 thoughts on “knowing and doing the will of God.”

1. The divine intention for the liberation of all beings and living things is always afoot in the world around you. All creation aches for liberation, and the desire, journey and struggle for freedom is happening everywhere, all the time, and with everyone.

2. You are never separated from the will of God.

One does not need to go searching for or chasing the “will of God,” as if it is some specific and distinct thing out there somewhere to find or do. At the seat of your soul is that intention for liberation and this is so for every human being. Look not further than yourself, look no further than your family, look no further than what appears to you as you walk out your front door, look no further than the next person you interact with, look not further than your next phone call or email exchange, look no further than the next moment. You don’t have to “find and do” God’s will. God’s will is the air you breathe – always happening all around you.

3. God’s will is not something you do, it’s something you are.

The premise of “being like Jesus” in terms of somehow taking on the similar deeds, actions, and behaviors of Jesus’ life is flawed. The only thing Jesus was ever doing was responding to situations as they required out of the truth and awareness of who Jesus was. In other words, God’s will for your life in every moment is to be your Self. When you are seeing with your true Self, listening with your true Self, responding with your true Self, relating with your true Self, speaking from your true Self, creating from your true Self, expressing from your true Self… you are actively participating in that divine intention afoot in the world to liberate all living things and beings.

4. Realize the interrelatedness of all things.

As long as you take yourself to be a person, a body, and a mind, separate from the stream of life, having a will of its own, pursuing its own aims, you are only living on the surface and whatever you do will be short-lived and of little value. Causes and results are infinitely happening in every moment. Everything affects everything. In this universe, when one thing changes, everything changes. Hence the principle, be the change you desire to see in the world. This is a nice thing to quote on your wall, but another thing altogether to take it to heart and live. Your personal liberation contribute to the liberation of all human beings and living things. People dream of transforming the world but they will not do the personal work for their own transformation, which is the only true and sustaining change that happens all around.

5. Fear is not relevant to your standing with or relationship to God.

There is never a moment when you are standing outside of God’s approval, love, and acceptance. Your standing with God is secure, never threatened, never diminished and can never be improved upon on the basis of anything you do or don’t do. In fact, the most important work of liberation you will ever do for yourself and the world is to realize the above. Take to heart the fact that central to the will of God for all creation is the divine intention for YOU to know that you are as God created you – accepted, secure, whole, complete, love, peace, free, good, beautiful.

Latest Comments

  1. Mike and Lesley Glenn says:

    Loved #2-got me thinking and feeling- thanks bro

  2. Rusty Rosenthal says:

    I am 63 years old and just learning about this freedom. I made a copy of this post and I will I will reread it anytime I feel that depression or anxiety is trying to rear it’s ugly head. This freedom is unbelievable!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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